Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tomb Raider Trailer

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It's time to meet the new Lara Croft! Warner Bros just debuted their first official trailer for Tomb Raider.  This is a new remake based on the popular video game series. While I cringe at the thought of any remake these days, this one actually looks pretty rad. The ever so lovely and gorgeous, Swedish actress stars as the adventurous Lara Croft. She plays a young woman living in London who travels to a mysterious island in an attempt to figure out what happened to her eccentric father. As expected, there is a tomb she raids while loads of other crazy events ensue. 

The full cast includes Hannah John-Kamen, Walton Goggins, Dominic West, Daniel Wu, and Alexandre Willaume. This is an awesome follow-up to WB's Wonder Woman about another ass-kicking, independent, fierce woman. I love how Hollywood is throwing more love to strong female leads! And I am 'such' a huge fan of Alicia Vikander! I just hope this movie is as cool as it looks. Check out the 'Becoming Lara Croft' video in addition to the action-packed trailer below. She looks absolutely cut in this blockbuster. Good lord! #inspiration Enjoy!...

Tomb Raider is directed by Norwegian filmmaker , of the films The Wave, Escape, Magic Silver, and Cold Prey previously. The screenplay is written by . Warner Bros will unleash Tomb Raider in theaters everywhere on March 16th, 2018.

Monday, September 11, 2017

IT Review

Being such a fan of Stephen King's work, it's safe to say 'IT' is easily one of his finest yet frightening novels to date. Upon hearing they were remaking this classic I immediately rolled my eyes. "Another day, another remake." I was such a fan of the '90s TV mini-series, I was worried they would ruin it (haha, get it?)Re-watching it now it's nothing short of hokey. It's more goofy than terrifying, with really bad acting. However, there's a whole generation scarred to death of clowns thanks to Tim Curry's portrayal of Pennywise the dancing clown. 

When children begin disappearing in the small town of Derry, Maine, a group of young teens, dubbed "The Losers Club" face their biggest fears when they square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries. The R-rated feature film, directed by , hits movie theaters just in time for a whole new generation to develop a healthy fear of murderous clowns in red and white face paint. 

Switching it up a bit, the '80s references now replaces the '50s touchstones from the novel. Yet it follows the source material with a smooth rhythm of control. This movie definitely surpasses my high exceptions. Dividing the film into two chapters is a stroke of genius! The first half told when they are kids, and the second half to be told when they are grown-ups. Brilliant! This horrifying flick is dark and moody.  It's fun and entertaining, with loads of thrilling jump-scars to feed your fancy, but it's also surprisingly soulful when you least expect it. The chemistry between the young teens is endearing and sweet, not to mention hilarious at times. And the gorgeously talented 's take on Pennywise, the shape-shifting clown, proves fresh yet evil, terrifying yet engaging. In fact he is so charismatic you miss him when he's gone. 

'It' so effortlessly blends the perfect amount of horror, humor and heart. There's definitely a skillful balance of nostalgic sentiment and hair-raising effects. Needless to say, fans alike will not be disappointed. Go. See. IT.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Blockbuster Hotties - 2017

Summer movies return to the blockbuster scene yet again and this time there's definitely no shortage of hotties to wet your tongue. I'm pretty sure there's more to life than being really, really, 'really' ridiculously good looking, but not here. Here, you will see Hollywood serving up some sizzling HOT realness of outrageous proportions. And with these fine babes of toy-land infiltrating our movie theaters this summer it's going to be hard to stay away. Caution: May cause third degree burns.

~Mouth-Watering Bombshells~

Alicia Vikander 
It's hard to fully resist this incredibly sexy, Oscar award winning starlet. This sparkling diamond, of Swedish descent, is a total babe, and has proven she's a force to be reckoned with. Check her out in Tulip Fever, out August 25th. It's a story about an artist who falls for a young married woman while he's commissioned to paint her portrait during the Tulip mania of 17th century Amsterdam.

Up Next: Sisters in conflict traveling through Europe toward a mystery destination in Euphoria, out sometime later this year.

Gal Gadot
There is something mysterious that surrounds this exotic mouth-watering, bombshell, and it has everyone fully intrigued! The calm, cool and collected actress is without question irresistibly stunning. She blew our minds away as the ever-so-powerful super-hero in this summer's epic-hit Wonder Woman, which happens to be one awesome blockbuster. Is it any "Wonder" this Israelian beauty made the cut?

Up Next: Reprising her role as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman in DC's Justice League, out November 17th.  

Cara Delevingne
Freaky-deaky, silly-billy, fierce Cara-Cara-Cara is one of my all time favorite supermodels.  This stunning, sex-kitten oozes sex appeal whether she's on the cat-walk or on the silver screen.  One thing's for sure, this blonde vixen is making quite a splash in Hollywood. Be sure to check her out as she fights the dark forces of evil in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, out July 21st.  She also has a small role in Tulip Fever as well. 

Up Next: As far as modeling, I'm sure it'll be sexy AF, but when it comes to her acting chops she's currently filming Life in a Year. A story about a 17 year who finds out his girlfriend is dying, so he sets out to give her an entire life in the last year she has left. 

Zoe Saldana
This enchanting beauty of Dominican and Puerto Rican ancestry, is absolutely one sexy-licous knock-out! How can you not adore everything about her?! She's practically perfect. But this mom of three doesn't get by on those vapid hot-chick roles alone. Opting instead, to play a pirate, an assassin, a blue 'alien', all the way to her latest butt-kicking role as Gamora in this summer's monster-hit Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, currently in theaters. If you haven't see it yet... what are you waiting for?!

Up Next: She's currently filming Avengers: Infinity War, where she'll reprise her role as Gamora.  It's scheduled for release next summer.

Charlize Theron
As a rule, I would say most men want to date her, while most women want to be her. This long-legged, gorgeous, bombshell exudes confidence and strength in everything she does. With her vivacious sex appeal, those piercing, stunning blue eyes, and that deep husky voice, it's no wonder people all over the world are drawn to this sex-siren.  Watch this undercover MI6 agent kick a little boo-TAY in Atomic Blonde, which lands in theaters July 28th. 

Up Next: A political journalist tries to hook up with his old babysitter, who now holds an important government position in Flarsky. Out sometime next year.

~Lip-Smackin Man-Candy~

Hubba-Hubba!  They sure know how to grow 'em gooooood across the pond. The 37 year British babe is one absolute hunk! He's 'fasho' one delicious piece of lip-smacking, man-candy and an excellent addition to our summer blockbuster hotties. He seems so charming which definitely adds to his sex appeal. That tender, humble smile will easily render the ladies helpless in a matter of seconds. Don’t miss this eight-pack-toting, sexy, heart-throb breathe new life into an old classic in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, which already entered theaters May 12th. 
Up Next: He plays a prisoner detained on a remote island who plots his escape in Papillon. Which happens to be a 1973 remake.
Oh baby!  Break me off a piece of that yum-yum, chocolate chip, honey-hip...  This devastatingly, gorgeous tall drink of water has got it going on! With that naughty body that just won't quit, this 6'2" beef-cake has everyone drooling. You make me wanna shoop! You don't wanna miss him in what is bound to be a rad sci-fi series either. The Dark Tower hits theaters everywhere August 4th.  He can be my 'gunslinger' any day. 
Up Next: He has two other movies hitting the scene later this year: The Mountain Between Us, out October 6th and Thor: Ragnarok, out November 3rd.  Boy be on fire!! 
He has this kind of charismatic and extremely sultry way about himself that one can't quite quantify or analyze.  It has to do with a sincerity and a clarity that makes you see something good in him. Which is undeniably fierce and sexy.  Aside from being blessed genetically this Irish born talent will blow your mind in this summer's drama The Beguiled, which storms theaters June 30th. Don't miss out!
Up Next: He will star in Tim Burton's live-action remake of Dumbo, out sometime next year.

Three words: DEE-LISH-US. Damn, this 27 year old, brown-eyed, stunner from down under is sure to make the lady-folk weak in the knees.  I mean c'mon!  This tall, dark and handsome, "boy-next-door" type has got it made!  And while this sex-on-a-stick isn't exactly a house-hold name he's bound to be soon enough. He proves he can play with the big boys too, staring alongside Johnny Depp and Jeffrey Rush in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, in theaters now.  Don't miss this him make a Caribbean splash.
Up Next: He will star in Office Uprising, which is an action/comedy about an employee at a weapons factory who discovers that an energy drink turns his co-workers into zombies. Due for release later this year.

This handsome looker has both sexes drooling over those breathtaking baby-blues and that lip-smackin hottie-body! He's definitely a thing of beauty and embodies style and grace with the up-most confidence and humility. I feel safe in declaring him one of our national treasures. There's little doubt Hollywood and the entire world are a better place thanks to his presence. Not only did he woo the general masses, but he stole the heart of our beloved Diana Prince in Wonder Woman, currently in theaters and taking the box office by t'town.
Up Next: He will star in A Wrinkle in Time, which is a film about the aftermath of the disappearance of a girls father and how these three peculiar beings send them into space in order to find him.

All the sizzling babes in this segment turned K-Rated's hotness dial up to... 11.  What can I say, 2017 means bidniss! Don't believe me? Check out this movie mash-up highlighting all the goodies summer blockbusters have to offer.  Enjoy! 
The floor is now yours. Share some of your favorite Summer Blockbuster Hotties of 2017 in the comment section below. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Oscar Predictions - 2017

Source: YouTube

It's Christmas in tinsel town! With only a few weeks away the countdown is on! Oscar night is the biggest and most prestigious night in the glamorous world of Hollywood. Nothing like cramming a room full of over-privileged, self-involved beauties, who have everything (ahem, including a touch of narcissism) and awarding them with gold trophies. #amiright

Having grown up in a movie family my love for Hollywood film runs deep. There's something magical about movies that brings so much joy. They have the power to transform emotions in a heartbeat. They give us opportunities to expand our horizons, and least of all, they connect us to a whole new world outside our own - for two plus hours you become someone else. It's exciting. It's exhilarating. It's awe-inspiring. I look forward to this award show every year! I'm a huge fan of our host Jimmy Kimmel as well. Undoubtedly, he will bring some mockery to the table, mingled with some hilarious skits (hopefully). 

Here's a little something to fill the cup  of anticipation. Oh, you better believe "we're all about a good time."  (I just hope they keep politics at bay.  This is an award show, NOT a political rally!)

It's only a matter of time before we know exactly who the winners are, but for now we shall speculate. In the age of social media it's hard to surprise us anymore, which takes all the fun out of it. #amiright. Still, I hope there are a few major shocks & surprises. I'm talking Crash wins Best Picture kind of shocks. Alas, I don't think we'll get that lucky, but we shall see!  Below are my predictions for the glitzy-glam night.

Best Picture: La La Land
(But if it were up to me I'd pick Manchester by the Sea. LOVE that movie!)

Best Director: 

Best Actor: Denzel Washington 
(But I really, really, REALLY want Casey Affleck to win for Manchester by the Sea.  He KILLED it!)

Best Actress: Emma Stone
(If it were up to me, though, I'd give the award to Natalie Portman for Jackie #slayed)

Best Supporting Actor:  
(Though, I think the award should go to Dev Patel for Lion)

Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis

Best Animation: Zootopia 
(Seriously, Disney was on fire last year!)

Best Costume Design: La La Land

To celebrate the Oscar season, Canada's Cineplex movie theater chain threw a lil som-som together. This superb, super-cut video features footage from all of the Academy Awards nominees this year. This retrospective look is thrilling and exciting! Cheers to all the nominees!
Be sure to tune in to ABC Sunday, February 26th 7e | 4p for the 89th Academy Awards! For a full list of Oscar nominees click here. The floor is now yours, who do you think will be the big winners of the night?...

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Most Beautiful Shots in The History of Disney animation

Source: Firstshowing

Need a little pick-me-up?  Check out this awe-inspiring video! It will most-def. bring a smile to your face. The revolutionary Walt Disney brings magic, charm and wonder to the world and we are a better place because of him, his dream and perseverance. What he has done, in his realm, can never be replaced. Jorge Luengo Ruiz reminds us of that with a lovely montage he threw together titled "The Most Beautiful Shots in The History of Disney." It includes some the the most inspiring cinematography and beautiful moments from Disney movies only, which leaves out anything Pixar related. That could be its very own stellar video for another day. Have a look-see and enjoy!

The music in this video is by Jóhann Jóhannsson (also the composer for Arrival). See more of Jorge Luengo Ruiz work here. For a full list of the films featured in this, head to Vimeo. From hand-drawn features like Snow White, to CGI animated modern movies like Frozen, it's clear Disney has produced ah-mazing animated films over the years.  Disney's catalog is nothing short of spectacular, beautiful and inspiring. 

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