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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Huntsman: Winter's War Trailer 2

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 "But you're as pathetic as you ever were, little sister."
Universal has unveiled their second trailer for The Huntsman Winter's War, directed by . This is the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. This live-action, fantasy fairy-tale gone mad stars the likes of as The Huntsman, a man stuck in the middle of a battle between a the evil Queen and her sister Freya, the Ice Queen, played by (LOVE her!). This high budget studio sequel also stars as Sara and reprising her role as the evil Queen Ravanna is . I love how the industry is finally making more and more movies with strong female leads! This trailer, as its own entity, looks fanatical, dazzling and magical. While the movie may not hold a candle to the likes of its two trailers, at least they are gorgeous works of art. Have a look-see!...
The strangely whimsical world of Snow White and the Huntsman continues to grow and reveal how the fates of The Huntsman, Eric and evil Queen Ravenna are deeply and dangerously intertwined. Long before the evil Queen Ravenna (Theron) was thought to have been bested by Snow White's blade, she watched silently as her sister, Freya (Blunt), suffered a heart-wrenching betrayal and fled their kingdom. With Freya's ability to freeze any enemy, the young ice queen has spent decades in a remote wintry palace raising a legion of deadly huntsmen - including Eric (Hemsworth) and warrior Sara (Chastain) - only to find that her prized two warriors defied her one demand: Forever harden your hearts to love (ahem, amen to that). Universal releases this movie on April 22, 2016.

Are you ready for this dazzling fairy-tale? 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice final trailer

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 "It's a three syllable word for any thought too big for little minds."
Another day, another trailer.  Warner Bros. has unleashed their final trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and thank goodness! Somehow the industry has it in their heads we want to see the movie before we actually see the movie - mystery goes a long way (but that's neither here nor there). What they should have done is release 'this' trailer as their second and final trailer instead of all the others.  It's been a whirlwind of emotions regarding this movie too.  First I was excited (thanks, teaser), then I lost interest (thanks, trailers 1 & 2), and now I'm kind of on board again. I still maintain there are entirely too many villains and heroes. It just seems too convoluted for its own good, but again, this movie 'is' setting up the stage for Justice League, so it's expected.  I will hold all my reservations until after I see the movie. Regardless, this is a superb, well-crafted trailer all on its own.  Take a look...

Zack Snyder's sequel in the DC Comics Universe will bring back Henry Cavill (swoon) as Superman and introduces as Batman. , and are all reprising their roles from Man of Steel, while more new additions include as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, as Alfred (adore him), and in a role newly created for the film. will also appear as Aquaman (yum). Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016. For more info. on the film, visit the official website at: batmanvsupermandawnofjustice.com

Will you see this in theaters? 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Jason Bourne Teaser

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"Remembering everything doesn't mean you know everything."
This superlative TV spot brings us back into the high-intensity world that is Jason Bourne. If you watched Superbowl 50 last night then you know all about it.  Universal released their first teaser for Jason Bourne - the new sequel starring , just nine years after UltimatumThis. Look. Awesome. Damon is also credited on the screenplay, which means he's fully invested. This Bad-A film also stars Alicia Vikander (currently my favorite celeb.), Julia Stiles, Tommy Lee Jones, Vincent Cassel and Riz Ahmed. Can't wait to see the full trailer! But to be honest, I really don't need to see anymore footage.  I'm ALL in! Take a look and enjoy!

returns to his most iconic role in Jason Bourne. , the director of The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, once again joins Damon for the next chapter in Universal Pictures' Bourne franchise, which finds the CIA’s most lethal former operative drawn out of the shadows. Damon is joined by , and , while reprises her role in the series. Frank Marshall again produces alongside Jeffrey Weiner for Captivate Entertainment, and Greengrass, Damon, Gregory Goodman and Ben Smith also produce. Universal releases Jason Bourne in theaters everywhere starting July 29, 2016. For more info. visit this site.

Are you as psyched as I am?...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2016 *Cinematography* Oscar Nominees Video Montage

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This year is a hard-hitting race, no question. There are a slew of extremely impressive talent to consider. But it's safe to say the top two contenders for Best Cinematography are Emmanuel Lubezki and Roger Deakins. While I think Deakins should win, my money is on Lubezki who shot using only natural light. This video montage features some of the very best shots from all five of this year's Best Cinematography nominees. Have a look-see...
Oscar Nominees 2016 - Cinematography from Vic Rincon on Vimeo.

Music is found by Kerry Muzzey and Carmen Habanera by Georges Bizet. This beautiful mashup of all the film's nominated for Cinematography include: 
Mad Max: Fury Road - John Seale
The Revenant - Emmanuel Lubezki (he won the last two years)
Sicario - Roger Deakins (his 13th nomination!)
Carol - Edward Lachman
The Hateful Eight - Robert Richardson (filmed in ultra-wide panavision)

Who do you think will take the gold?  

2016 Oscar Prections - We All Dream In Gold

It's Christmas is tinsel town! With only a few weeks away the countdown is on!  Oscar night is the biggest and most prestigious  night in the glamours world of Hollywood, and I look forward to it every year! Ah yes, nothing like cramming a room full of over-privileged beauties who have everything and awarding them with gold trophies. (sigh) With Chris Rock as our host we're bound for some hilarious laughs! Hiring a comedian is a very wise desicion. I actually like Chris Rock and I think he'll deliver with thunderous applause. #Ihope  It can't be any worst than last year, right. #PoorNealPatrickHarris.

It's only a matter of time before we know who the winners are for sure, but for now we shall speculate. It's been a really tight race this year, which I love. While there are a few shoe-ins (ahem, Leo), the rest have been a hard-hitting guessing game. With that said here are my (main) picks for the big glitzy-glam night.

Best Picture:
The Big Short 

Adam McKay - The Big Short 
(Although it could go to either George Miller or Alejandro G. Inarritu)

Leonardo DiCaprio - The Revenant 
(He better finally win! For the love of all things holy!!)

Brie Larson - Room


Supporting Actor: 
Mark RylanceBridge of Spies 
(Although I wouldn't be surprised if Sylvester Stallone won - ugh!)  

Supporting Actress: 
Alicia VikanderThe Danish Girl 

Inside Out

 Costume Design: 

Be sure to tune in to ABC Sunday, February 28th 7e | 4p. And for a full list of Oscar nominees click here. The floor is now yours, who do you think will be the big winners of the night?... 

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