Monday, January 26, 2009

Oscar Predictions

Sure he's incredibly gorgeous and takes time out of his day to slay vampires and kill evil mutants, but can he kill at the Oscars?
We shall see. With the Academy Awards less than a month away...
Ladies and Gentlemen meet your 2009 Academy Award host,
Mr. Hugh Jackman

(starting top left going clockwise)

Slumdog millionaire
10 nominations
Domestic Box Office to date: $45 million

The Reader
5 nominations
Domestic Box Office to date: $8 million


5 nominations

Domestic Box Office to date: $9 million

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
13 nominations (1 less than the record holding Titanic)
Domestic Box Office to Date: $104 million

5 nominations
Domestic Box office to Date: $21 million

This past year has been an extraordinarily great year for movies. The competition is staggering. Even tho all these movies are exceptional and brilliant in their own individual way, only one can go home with Mr. Oscar himself.

My vote is the favorable Benjamin Button, but I have a strong feeling Slumdog will steal it.

Now it's your turn to vote.
Whether you've seen the movies or not pick which movie...
A.) You would like to win
B.) You think will win


Surf Goddess said...

i've only seen benjamin button and slumdog on the list of nominees, but i will be seriously shocked if slumdog doesn't win. a movie that incredible and inspiring needs to be recognized for its courage & beauty.

Troy said...

Well... considering I've seen exactly zero of these movies I'm sure my opinion will be the least biased! ;)

I want Milk to win... mostly because it's my favorite thing to drink...

I think Slumdog will win... I've heard very good things about it...

Groverfam said...

I want button to win but I think Milk will win!!! why because really its all about the politics of the day.

imri said...

i think slumdog will win, but i haven't seen it. i do think benjamin was great though...

Go shawty! said...

This is a well written/devoloped blog. Kristen inspires me to want to go and see more movies.
Thanks for all you do K.


Melain said...

Hugh Jackman?! Is he funny enough? I just don't know about that. He'll have to win me over.

I think Slumdog will win, but Milk has a great chance too. It has all the elements that The Academy love: Political idealism, based on a real person, pushes the boundries, filled with personal tragedy for the greater good... I don't think B.Button will win Best Picture, but it could take any one of the rest of them. Except for Best Actor. No way Brad's winning that. Slumdog will win Best Score too. And Best Director. Hmm... maybe B.Button is screwed after all.

Groverfam said...

We want more! We want more!

Go shawty! said...

I just recently went and saw Grand Torino staring Clint Eastwood.
If that movie doesn't win something here I will be shocked. It was amazing and rivals movies like the Green Mile and no Country for old men.
Go see it you will not be disappointed.

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