Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's going to be a good year for movies!

This year holds a lot of promise with oodles of goodies to get excited about - spanning from its array of blood & gore – 3D spectacular, to remakes, to comic genius’, all the way to sequels &

Here are the top 10 movies I’m excited to see.

(click on links to learn more)

Let me know what you think?...

Before you LOL (too late) just know I am aware some of my picks
may be ridiculously silly, but I’m OK with that.
I just can’t wait to get to the theater
where I know I’ll get swept way for 2 hours plus.


Groverfam said...

I am all over about half of your picks- after seeing the preview for F & F I am excited for that too. I didn't know about Transformers- that will be awesome...

Melain said...

First of all, I have never heard the word quadrilogies! It might be a new favorite now. And secondly, I hadn't heard about Transformers 2 either! SO EXCITED!!!


I guess that's one more good reason to read your blog. Keeps me in 'the KNOW'!

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