Friday, February 6, 2009

I present to you The Volturi

Before the cast of New Moon is locked & loaded, I wanted to be sure MY cast got out to the world before "they" royally screw it up. With a few suggestions from my dear Twilight friends, I feel I did a most excellent job casting the Volturi! I feel these actors fit these characters descriptions perfectly.

For those of you who do not know who The Volturi are, they are an organized coven of vampires in the Twilight series. They reside in Volterra Italy, which is a beautiful and ancient city. They enforce the laws in the vampire world. They tend to "invite" other vampires with powerful gifts to join their coven. They are the largest, and most powerful coven and are considered "royalty" amongst vampires. With that being said I present to you The Volturi....

Rupert Friend as Aro

Josh Stewart as CAUIS
Matthew Gray Gubler as MARCUS

Jodelle Ferland as JANE
Remy Thorne as ALEC

Taylor Kitsch as DEMETRI
Jensen Ackles

Amanda Righetti as HEIDI

Eva Pigford as RENATA
Nora Zehetner

With a new director Chris Weitz in place there's small hope that this movie could be (pause & sighs) O.K. I mean it can't get any worse, right? Come November 20th, we shall see. Let's just hope Chris and his vast team of collaborators aren't drunk and sloppy when filming, like the Twilight crew. I am glad they fired the Twilight casting director (actually who knows what happened to her and more importantly who cares). With the new casting directors, Rene Haynes & Joseph Middleton, in place I'm hoping this time around they will be a lot smarter when casting, i.e. read this blog, make the right choices by casting my stellar cast.

She's not part of the Volturi,
but I still wanted to add
my pick for Leah.

Camilla Belle


Kathy said...

I think Kristen needs to work in Hollywood! She always has the best picks for who should be cast in movies. I really like who she picked for Jane and Alec.

Groverfam said...

Fabulous! Those are great pics! you definitly need to be a casting director.

Melain said...

Wait, who was Chelsea again? I can't remember.

Pretty good cast. But I like mine better. :)

Kristen said...

Melain -

Chelsea and Renata don't appear in the Volturi till Breaking Dawn, but I decided to add them anyway. Chelsea had the ability to break ties/strong relationships between two ppl.

Anonymous said...

Jane and Alec are spot on. I even used Jodelle Ferland as a mental image of Jane while reading the books.. the kid is scary, in a cute way :D

Anonymous said...

Back to who should have been Bella - I would've honestly preferred either:
Missy Peregrym or Jessica Stroup ... and I like the Carlisle they have at the moment.

As for the cherubic child actors - its a pity that the Jolie-Pitt twins are too young ... otherwise they would've been perfect!

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