Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Twilight cast that SHOULD have been...

Not that I've given it much thought or anything (haha), but if I was the casting director for Twilight the world would be a much better place. Well, the movie would have been a lot better anyway. My friend and I have gone into deep, pointless conversations about this way more than we care to admit, but that's beside the point. Before I begin I will say there were a few actors who were perfectly cast (i.e. Alice, Emmett, Laurent, James, Charlie Swan and all the high school humans). Other than that the rest of the actors were completely miscast to the point of insulting. Lana Veenker (casting director) could have done a MUCH better job. And I'm not alone when I say, over all, her casting job blew chunks - big fugly chunks! I'm not putting the blame entirely on her though, I'm sure Catherine Hardwicke (director - rolls eyes) had a final say, but whatever. Here's the amazing cast I envisioned in my head while reading this beautiful story. Here's the cast that should have been.

Sean Faris as Edward Cullen

(FYI while reading these books I always
Henry Cavill as Edward,
but being that he is too "old" for
the part now the role
goes to Sean)

Danielle Panabaker as Bella Swan

(I can not stand Kristen Stewart. I do not think
she can act. Danielle would have
done a MUCH better job.)

Chace Crawford as Jasper Hale
Ashley Greene
as Alice Cullen
(I would have given her a
more stylish & modern
spiky hair doo)

Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen
(I would have had his hair a little longer on the top and I would have kept his natural hair color)
AnnaLynne McCord
as Rosalie Hale

Justin Hartley as Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Lindsay Hartley as Esme Cullen

(Again I didn't have a big problem with
Elizabeth Reaser
playing Esme, I just think Lindsay's beauty is a better match for our NEW Carlisle)

Steven Strait as Jacob Black

(They just weren’t thinking ahead when casting
Jacob Black.
Taylor Lautner was great for
the one role in Twilight, but not for the
whole Twilight series. They needed
to cast someone who is already
tall, someone who has a thin
frame, yet can bulk up when
needed. I feel Steven is
perfect for this role)


Kata Dobó as Victoria, Edi Gathegi as Laurent

Cam Gigandet
as James
(I would have given James a sexier looking
shoulder length wig having him wear it
down instead of pulled back)



Gregory Tyree Boyce as Tyler Crowley
Christian Serratos as Angela Weber
Michael Welch as Mike Newton
Anna Kendrick as Jessica Stanley
Justin Chon as Eric Yorkie

Billy Burke as Charlie Swan
(Not that it bothered me too much
but I would have had him shave
that perv-stache. Didn't
like it much)


Melain said...

LOL! Mustaches ARE pervy arent' they?! Just because Charlie is a cop, doesn't mean he has to have a cliche' copstache!

Your choices are FLAWLESS. The job as casting agents should have been OURS!

Groverfam said...

this is great! i totally wish you were the casting director. Maybe you should become one. :) Love

Surf Goddess said...

kris i think you need to start doing casting for movies. maybe that will be my in to hollywood!

Kathy said...

I really hated Jaspers hair. That wig was so awful I didn't even remember if I saw the guy playing him, he could've been well cast except the hair was a complete distraction. And was the camera guy drunk during filming because it was so shaky- good grief that was annoying!

Groverfam said...

hello! I love what you did with the arrangement. this is great.

Kristen said...

Wow, I know you are entitled to your own opinion, but your opinion sucks... All of the Actors/Actresses were chosen for their personalities and how well they went with the books' versions. The point of the movie was to bring in new people. It would make the Actors/Actresses more memorable. It would make you believe that Twilight is real, and be more appealing. Think of if they put Johnny Depp as Carlisle. You would most likely thing of him as Jack Sparrow.

JFun said...

Dear Kristen Stewart,

Even with k-rated's new cast, the movie would still make me vomit. And if the existing cast makes you think that Twilight is real, then you have some real problemos, sister.

And btw, Johnny Depp can do whatever he wants (Sparrow, Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd). They didn't NOT cast him as Sweeney Todd because of Pirates. He's one of the most versatile actors around. He could have been a great Carlisle, if you ask me.

Finally, Kristen Stewart. Don't tell people that their opinions suck. Just cuz they ain't yours doesn't mean they suck. That kind of attitude sucks.

Juls said...

Dear Poser Kristen,

Two Words: Dakota... Fanning!



Anonymous said...

i respect your opinion but i'd just like to say that you are completely, utterly and totally wrong :)

Anonymous said...

Some of your choices make so much sense... especially the Jacob character and Rosalie and about natural hair colors.

Is it just me, or do more people wish this movie would be remade with a lot of changes.

I loved some of the cast, but they did horrible job on makeup and hair. (Looking at all the cast in other photos, they look great. in the movie they look so strange.)

I'm in favor of you becoming casting agent, because you have such good ideas.

(I think all the people chosen from the actual movie and your list - would do a great job. I loved the film but it could have been filmed with better quality makeup and more $ spent on the project.)

Unknown said...

I definitely think Danielle Panabaker would have a done a good job as Bella. I'm just not feeling Kristen Stewart. And while reading it, you wouldn't think Kristen either. I definitely agree with Rosalie too. In the book she is made out to be GORGEOUS! Every girl is envious, and the girl cast for her in the movie just didn't cut it at all.

Anonymous said...

Point of fact: Lana Veenker was the regional casting director in Oregon and cast roles like Cora at the diner, Young Bella, and the Frat Boys.

Anonymous said...

Dude truthfully i loved the movie yeah there were some MINOR problems with makeup only noticable what you watch it like 5 million times as i did lol... butt all in all the cast was pretty decent they roles were plyed well and truthfully i think the movie is more true to the book with the characters they chose, don't get me wrong i liked your picks as well but i don't think they would be up to playing the charecters well. I could be wrong but this is my honest opinion... P.S. you shouldn't be so rought on Kristien she's just trying to defend her self. Wouldn't you do the same if someones trashing you in front of the ten of thousands of people who happen to come across this page every so often. It's sort of rude to talk of someone that way, Hey I'M no saint but i dont go around making people feel bad about them sleves just because a movie didn't match up with the book it was based off of, secret life of the bees was an amazing book and yeah the movie didn't match up as well but hey the movie was still good.
Just my Opinion I hope no one takes it too offensive or any thing. =] -Lauren

Anonymous said...

While reading the Twiglight books, I have battled to think of the perfect actress to play Bella. (obviously Kristen Stewart sucks...she has the personality of a sock!)

I have to say that your choice for Bella is perfect! When I saw that it just made sense!

Anonymous said...

Danielle Panabaker would have made a better Bella. Kristen Stewart is so monotonous. When I was reading the book, I was thinking of Bella to have a certain spark inside. I just don't see it in Kristen. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I thought the casting was GREAT. I was very excited to see a few new faces hit the screne. Also, everyone keeps bashing Kristen for her acting abilities. Well, in my opionion, she pulled off the character Bella wonderfully. Bella was not described well in the book other than being an ordinary girl. The books were intended for the reader to put themselves in the story! Bella was not described with a lots of details. This made it possible for one to slip into charater and fullfill that spot. Why do you think so many older women are into it. They got to step out of realty for a few hours and fall in love with Edward and the Cullen family.

Ciara said...

I think that all the cast members were perfect it doesn't need any changes at all.someone said something about a makeup problem. I didn't.notice anything wrong with the makeup I thought the makeup looked like real skin but it turned out to be makeup. I think all the people who made the movie did a great job.

Anonymous said...

I think they were perfect, There couldn't be a better Edward than the one portrayed by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan is PERFECT!!! I love her and she CAN act, if you don't think so you have obviously not seen enough of her because she's great. And Carlisle and Esme not played by Peter Facinelli & Elizabeth Reaser? Please, they wouldn't, coulnd't be Carlisle & Esme, those two are perfect for their roles. The whole Twilight cast was perfect and Alice's hair shouldn't be different..

Anonymous said...

I would have cast- Nina Dobrev as Bella. Ali Larter as Rosalie. Milla Jovovich as Alice. Nic Robuck as Jacob. The rest of the cast the same as the movie.

Anonymous said...

You ideas are really really good. Made my day

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...In all honesty I preferred the twilight books so much more. I feel if Emma Watson could put on an American accent she would have been great for bella. Robert Pattinson's appearance was great but idk I guess the layout was a bit...My main problem was Kristen as Bella the rest was ok.

Anonymous said...

Well I actually liked the actual castings except for rosalie and ..yeah just her..

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