Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BEST & WORST Movie Remakes

I can’t help but wonder where all the creativity in Hollywood has gone. Take for instance all these movie remakes. They have been doing this for years now, and while some are really good attempts, most fall short. Generally remakes are lazy, cynical attempts to cash in on nostalgia of past years and are usually irredeemably lame. The fact that these movie producer and directors get paid millions on someone else’s idea kind of annoys me.

With that being said, I have decided to make a list of some of the BEST, not to mention the WORST movie remakes.


Although this (1998) version is in color and features a different cast, it is nearly a shot for shot that copies the (1960) Hitchcock's camera movements and editing. What's the point? It was a classic ripped to shreds. Thanks Cus Van Sant. (shakes head)

This (1998) remake of The Parent Trap neither strays too far from the original nor follows it too closely. Even though Lindsay Lohan was adorable in this remake (which was pretty much her last), the film was completely stripped of all its charm and beauty that made the (1961) original so adorable and memorable.

This sad remake is far inferior to the original. It’s a travesty they even considered remaking this film and furthermore it’s a slap in the face and nothing more than a cheap imitation cash-grab. Steve Martin used to be funny, and has made some very enjoyable films in the past. However, his recent remakes of previously done material have been awful stinkers.

War of the Worlds is a 2005 science fiction-DISASTER film based on H. G. Wells' original novel. An intelligent action thriller? Mmm, not quite. More like an extremely forgettable film. Sure, the special effects are astounding in this remake, but I prefer the 1953 version instead.

This film has decent special effects but that's about it. Everything else is way below average and the overall experience is resoundingly mediocre. The acting is weak and it seems the actors were there simply for the pay-check. Granted, Godzilla himself was pretty impressive, but the rest of the film was just blaaaah.


Martin Scorsese takes his first whack at the thriller genre with the remake of a 1962 classic. I feel Scorsese brought a touch of genius that changes the remake slightly from the original to make it even better.

Enter Steven Soderbergh’s world and his cast comprised of who's-who in Hollywood. Soderbergh captures the fun and spontaneity of the (1960) original without sacrificing the heist itself. George Clooney picks up where Sinatra left off - playing Danny Ocean, a felon who assembles a motley crew of misfits in order to rob three Vegas casinos simultaneously. An Excellent remake!

The Italian Job did exactly what we expected - charming us with style, wit, and the simple boldness of real-life car chases. The characters were fun and the plot, although simple, was exciting. This (2003) remake surpasses the (1969) original version, by far, which is average at best.

It's a gory, stylish, and pretty freakin’ scary movie. It's full of shocks and shrieks, which in my opinion is remarkably better than its (1974) predecessor. However, it's doubtful that the (2003) Texas Chainsaw Massacre will attain the cult status of its original, but as far as remakes go, this creepy and eerie remake is a solid piece of work.

Everything about director Peter Jackson's (2005) remake of King Kong is bigger than the (1933) original. The film is stronger, technically elaborate and more exciting than the original film. King Kong is a visually gorgeous spectacle that deserves to be seen.

If you’re going to cash in on someone else’s idea without adding some new twists and turns what’s the point? The challenge for movie remakes is for directors to supersede the older version or else it will flop faster than you can say “gee, that was stupid.” Remakes that are actually able to top their predecessors are few and far between. However, like the examples above, it's clearly proven it can be done.

In conclusion and to my greatest dismay (sigh), there is talk of remaking some of the BEST 80’s classic films ever, starting with Footloose (2010), Adventures in Babysitting (2010), Clue (2011) and The Neverending Story (2012). (shakes head) These films are amazingly perfect, not to mention crazy-rad the way they are! LEAVE. THEM. ALONE. And you know what kills me? (rolls eyes) The movies that are in dire need of a remake will most likely never see one – ahem, Twilight. (sigh) Curse you, Hollywood! But not to end on a sore note, I will say I am super excited for The Clash of the Titans (2010) remake. The original (1981) is still awesome, but with today’s special effects/CGI I have strong hopes this remake will surpass the original. I have been wanting a remake for years. Let's hope it lives up. And let's not forget the soon to be released Star Trek (5/8/09) remake. I am really excited for that one as well. It looks awesome! Here's hoping.

So readers, what are some of your best
and/or worst movie remakes?


Dave said...

Great list. Though I did not think the latest War of the Worlds' was all that bad. I certainly do not think it's top 5 material for the worst remakes.

What about Planet of the Apes?

Kristen said...

Yeah, but did you see the original? MUCH better! The ending of the remake was awful and weak! It was more a Tom Cruise movie than anything else.

And to be honest I actually liked the remake of POTA. But I also tend to love anything Tim Burton so there ya go. However nothing will beat the original. It's a classic!

Firebird said...

The awful and stupid eco-freak remake of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL and using this GLOBAL WARMING poppycock and now their doing a remake of the classic movie THE BIRDS or how about that stupid remake of KING KONG and i mean the 1976 remake by DINO DELARINTUS

Kristen said...

Thanks for ur coment. Good call on that horrible 70's K.Kong remake. What a joke!! I'm not too happy about them redoing the Birds either. Blah!

Flu-Bird said...

PINK PANTHER as far as im concered STEVE MARTIN could never hol d candle to PTER SELLERS his INSPECTOR CLUSUAE was a blumbber and when KATO was always trying to ambush him all the time

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