Friday, April 17, 2009

Singers to Silver Screens & Back

You would think being a superstar in one category would be enough enticement for one to stay in that field. After all these superstars make more money in one year than your average American makes in a lifetime. I’ve noticed if you give a superstar an inch of recognition for one talent they try to take a mile. The celebrity crossover has increased considerably over the last 20 years. Some have succeeded brilliantly, while others bomb-out horribly. We simply mistake and/or confuse 'pretty' for talent. But that’s Hollywood for ya. Here’s a little tip though… Hollywood doesn’t really exist. It’s simply a made up, fancy-pants, magic world of stars, where actors try to be singers and singers try to be actors, not to mention all their fabulous accomplishments and failures that come with it. I think it's great these celebrities have all sorts of avenues to venture, but let's be honest; some should stay singers/performers while others were born to act..

I have made a list of some of the best and worst talent Hollywood has seen when it comes to celebrity crossovers. Starting with horrible to fantastic...

*Horrible Crossovers*

After Britney Spears gave a shot at acting her manager, along with everyone else, realized it wasn't for her... and thank goodness! Stick to what you know best,
Ms. Spears - lip syncing and great performances.

Oh Mariah, Mariah (pause) 'nough said.

Madonna has this great deal of lasting power that has us all in ah. However the queen of reinventing herself needs to stay in her arena and away
from the silver screen... far away.

*Fantastic Crossovers*

Ah, Marky-Mark (pause) we're so glad he took time out of his busy pants dropping sessions with Calvin Klein to venture acting. He's definitely made a HUGE
improvement career wise. Thanks Mark.

Here's a lady with loads of talent under her belt. Having one of the most incredible careers in showbiz, she not only can sing and perform till she drops, but when she acts she wins Oscars. You're amazing Cher!

DJ Jazzy Jeff had a hold of the Fresh Prince for a time until the silver screen turned the Prince into a fresh A-list actor. We loved his short lived music career, but we
love his acting career more.


Um... yeah... I'm at a loss for words here. I think I'll just say this; we'll see you in a couple years, Joaquin, after you've had your fun and realize, for you, the real money is in acting.

So readers, let's hear it, who are some of your favorite and horrifying celebrity crossovers?...


Melain said...

OH this is a fun topic!

Ok. A horrifying crossover attempt is Jennifer Love Hewitt. Did you know she has FIVE ALBUMS out?!! LAUGHABLE.

Another crossover flop is Minnie Driver. She's actually a very talented singer/songwriter, and wanted a music career over acting. But it's not going to happen for her. Sad.

A very successful crossover is Jennifer Lopez. She's not brilliant at either acting OR singing, but she's done well with both.

Surf Goddess said...

great topics! i agree with melain, j.lo is pretty fun to watch on the big screen.
i think we should have a movie night to watch the terrible britney and madonna and mariah movies.

Anonymous said...

Harry Connick, Jr, Ice Cube, Frank Sinatra, Justin Timberlake, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce? Discuss...

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