Friday, April 17, 2009


New faces have been cast in the Twilight sequel, New Moon.
I present to you The Vulturi - A coven of vampires
who are considered royalty and reside in Italy.

Michael Sheen as Aro

Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius
Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus

Dakota Fanning as Jane
Cameron Bright as Alec

Daniel Cudmore as Felix
Charlie Bewley as Demetri

Noot Seear as Heidi

not going to lie when I heard Michael Sheen was cast as Aro I got a little excited. I've grown to really enjoy him as an actor. I think he will make a really great Aro. I’m in no way excited for New Moon's release in November, but at least the Volturi cast is pretty decent - I’m not cringing anyway. I love their pick for Heidi! However, I am still annoyed they cast Dakota Fanning as Jane. I know she'll do a good job, but Jodelle Ferland would have been a much better choice.

So Twilight fans, what are your thoughts regarding this new cast?


Melain said...

Not too bad!!! Not as good as mine, but MUCH better than I was expecting! I can totally get behind their Aro. He's got a freak intensity that totally works. And Jamie Campbell Bower?! Brilliant! He's got a freaky face even when he's NOT trying. Heidi is perfect. Dakota will do a good job. I'm pissed that she got it, but she'll do it well.

Thanks for posting! We've been wondering for a while.

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