Friday, May 29, 2009

Eclipse's New Director Hates Twilight

Why would a director sign on to a film if he hated it? One word - money. Now I'm sure there's more to the story than that and I'm sure we'll be hearing all about it once this news hits the fan. David Slade director of Hard Candy (great movie) and 30 Days of Night (not so great), said during a radio interview with DC's WJFK late last year that he, pretty much, hates Twilight and wouldn't even see it at gun point. Check out the full audio clip at SlashFilm, but to sum it up he pretty much said, "Twilight drunk? No, not even drunk. Twilight on acid? No, not even on acid. Twilight at gun point? Just shoot me." Wow.

So I after seeing pretty much every movie last year Slade was deciding which movie to watch next. When Twilight became an option he simply opted against it. The funny thing is that a few weeks ago, Slade was officially confirmed by Summit Entertainment as the director of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the third movie in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight franchise. So let me get this straight, he wouldn't even see Twilight and he apparently hates the series, and yet he was hired to direct the third movie? HUH?...

I don't blame him for not seeing Twilight as it is a pretty awful P.O.S. rendition of the book - curse you Hardwicke! But come on, at least find a director who wants to direct this movie/someone who will do a great job. Not to say Slade won't, but unless he changes his poor attitude real quick I doubt he will. Eclipse is my favorite book in the series, I loved it and it deserves to be seen with greatness. In conclusion I have very little hope for New Moon (set for release Nov. 20th) as all my hopes were crushed after seeing Twilight and now hearing this... what a joke.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

No More Originality In Hollywood?

Robert Rodriguez is officially rebooting the Predator franchise with a new film called Predators scheduled for release next summer. The pitch was simple Rodriguez explains; "In the reboot a team of commandos face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters." "With a nod toward Cameron's Aliens I decided to call it Predators. I set it on a jungle-like Predator planet." They have already started some early development with a new writer, Alex Litvak. This way Rodriguez won't have to do it all on his own. As for a hint at what Rodriguez wants to do with the franchise…

"What I'd like to do with it is expand on ideas I dreamt up back in the original treatment, that had really expanded on the universe both the Predators and other species live in. We'd create new otherworldly characters while not taking away from the draw our main Predator has. I think another reason I called it Predators was to mark it as a project that should be taken seriously by a filmmaker to make a worthy follow up to a classic, much in the way Cameron made Aliens a compelling work on its own, following Ridley Scott's Alien."

As this project is still in the pre-production who knows what path Rodriguez will venture. I just hope they don't ruin this reboot with a bunch of CGI like George Lucas did with the last 3 Star Wars films.

Not only is 20th Century Fox moving forward on the Robert Rodriguez Predator reboot, but it looks as if the rumored Alien reboot is officially moving forward as well. Looks like Fox has hired Carl Rinsch to direct the new Alien film. The only good news is that apparently Ridley Scott is on board to produce. Word has it that this reboot will be more of an origin story as opposed to a straight up remake. The plan is suppose to "stick with the original concept of only one alien on the ship." This isn't confirmed by the studio yet, as it is only an early scoop.

My brother David and I were discussing this the other day. While he thinks it's a cool idea to reboot Alien, I maintain it's a really lame idea. I grew up loving both of these movies and feel they need to stay where they are calling it good, because that's what both movies were, GOOD! With these remake/reboots or whatever, they are just going to ruin both franchises. Now I know I defend some remakes (Clash of the Titans), but there are a lot that cause me to vomit in my mouth a little forcing me to brush my teeth for hours on end trying to get the taste out. Needless to say that is how I feel about both of these reboots. While I can complain all day about how there is no more originality in Hollywood I simply won't. What's the point? Hollywood does what they want anyway, hence the Footloose remake.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Terminator Salvation Review

If anyone can painfully recall Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines blew huge Skynet chunks all over the place, which was unfortunate. The first two movies created by James Cameron were absolutely amazing and innovative not to mention brilliant. I remember watching Terminator 2: Judgment Day at least a 100 times as a kid. I loved it and still do! It’s incredible how the special effects used in T2 still wow people to this day. When hearing they were making a 4th Terminator movie I was a little worried. I thought after T3 bombed we decided to tie a heavy metal bow on it wrapping it up for good. (haha) That kind of thinking in Hollywood is just plain na├»ve.

Charlie’s Angels director
McG drops us in the year 2018, after a nuclear holocaust has effectively ended civilization as we knew it. With Terminators of all shapes and forms snapping up the few remains of the human race, a small group of survivors have gone underground in an effort to battle the organized company Skynet. Standing up against all odds is John Connor, the one man who knew this was going to happen, and Marcus Wright, a death-row inmate who’s about to be executed when he’s given a second chance on life by a scientist who unknowing to Wright, has big plans for his future.

McG tackles the hard to handle task of carrying on this series without its signature star and actually pulls it off with two hours of first-rate, non-stop action. It's too bad he didn't spend a little more time thinking up a better plot. But I will say I loved how they tied in tons of classic lines ("I’ll be back") and music (Guns & Roses) from the past movies. That was really fun for die hard fans like myself to see. I just have a couple questions…

Who is this Marcus Wright? How does he fit into the past or the future? Is he a sort of prototype for the Arnold terminator? Why was he locked away so long? Why does Connor react to him with such hatred, especially after being raised by something similar in T2? These are some of the questions that should have been addressed in this film, especially for such a crucial character? Fortunately, Sam Worthington brings this mysterious half man/half machine to life with great confidence and style. Christian Bale as Connor is definitely likeable, but somehow takes a backseat to Worthington’s performance, which is weird because isn’t this movie suppose to be all about John Conner and his fight to save our future? Hmm…

Rumor has it that the original movie plot was going to be a story about Marcus with just a cameo appearance from John Connor. The movie probably would have been a lot stronger had it stuck with the original plan. Bale was unfortunately the least interesting character in his own blockbuster. The only actor who gives Worthington any challenge is Anton Yelchin, who plays Kyle Reese and is a very convincing younger version of Michael Biehn's character from the first Terminator. In case you didn’t know Yelchin also starred in an earlier summer blockbuster hit as the soft-faced Chekov in Star Trek.

Not to give too much away regarding the final scene, but the movie went from “ok this is a pretty good action flick” to “WTH, this is a little ridiculous.” It’s not the best Terminator movie but if you turn your brain off you will be entertained with excitement, intense trills and action. It’s definitely worth seeing if for no other reason than to get the horrible, horrible taste of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (rolls eyes) out of your mouth.


So readers, what did you think of this movie?...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

*We dig beneath the fluff to give you the stuff*

So all those rumors about Ghostbusters 3 arriving in 2011 were all true? Dan Aykroyd recently talked Geoff Boucher at Hero Complex and really spilled the beans this time. "Aykroyd said Sigourney Weaver is on board now, as are the original squad of ectoplasmic specialists — Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson." Sounds like it's really happening with everyone on board. And as for whether it'll shoot soon, Aykroyd is hopeful, very hopeful. "I think we're going to be in production fairly soon. We could be in production by winter." And that's not the only thing he reveals about Ghostbusters 3.

Aykroyd does confirm that they haven't chosen a director yet. He wants Ivan Reitman, who directed the original two Ghostbusters movies, to return, but he's "too busy as a mega-producer" these days. His second choice is Harold Ramis, who directed Year One this year - "he has a lot of things going on, but it would be wonderful to see him do it." No mention of Judd Apatow? Or would Apatow even be interested? Everything is still on the edge, and Aykroyd even admits that "at any second everything could blow up" and the whole project could go down the tubes again. But that's Hollywood for you, nothing is ever official these days.

Lastly, Aykroyd talked a bit about the concept and casting. Aykroyd said he's hoping for a five-member "new generation" team with several female members. "I'd like it to be a passing-of-the-torch movie. Let's revisit the old characters briefly and happily and have them there as family but let's pass it on to a new generation." Wait, female members? How about some names, right? Aykroyd specifically mentions two names - Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku. "I think they're amazing," he said. "And I'm excited about the whole idea of getting this done." So how about that? Ghostbusters 3 starring Milano and Dushku? You in?

Chace Crawford Replaces Zac Efron in Footloose Musical

Late last year it was announced that High School Musical heartthrob (rolls eyes) Zac Efron would star in Paramount's big screen Footloose musical. But then in March, he dropped out, saying that he didn't want to do yet another musical so soon. So who did they find to replace him? Variety has confirmed Chace Crawford will take the lead instead. He's from the hit show "Gossip Girl" and should have been cast as Jasper in Twilight, but that's neither here nor there. Chase has only starred in The Haunting of Molly Hartley so far, but is also part of Joel Schumacher's upcoming film Twelve. Shooting is scheduled to start in March of next year. Paramount is developing this as a "more mature, edgy version" of Footloose than the original, and will draw on the older fans of "Gossip Girl" more than the tween Efron fans. (aren't they pretty much the same? lol hmm...) High School Musical Kenny Ortega is directing this updated Footloose.

Personally I am still really annoyed at the whole idea of remaking such a classic. But on the other hand, if they're going to proceed anyway (even though they shouldn't), I am extremely pleased to see Efron drop out and Crawford take the lead - not to say he will make the movie better, it just won't be as horrible.

Watch the first trailer for Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes:

Detective Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and his stalwart partner Dr. Watson (Jude Law) engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a mystical nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England.

Sherlock Holmes (which will also be the trailer for Terminator Salvation tomorrow) is directed by British filmmaker Guy Ritchie, of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Revolver, and RocknRolla. The screenplay was co-written by Guy Ritchie, Mike Johnson, and Anthony Peckham and is based on the Arthur Conan Doyle's characters that were first introduced in 1887. Warner Brothers is bringing Sherlock Holmes to theaters on Christmas Day.

I will say at first I was a bit leery to hear Ritchie was directing this film, but after seeing the trailer I dismissed those thoughts. This movie looks amazing! It has tons of action, not to mention wit, charm and humor. I'm truly excited now!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

*Extra Extra!*

Actor says he will reprise role
of vampire Edward in
‘Breaking Dawn’

Access Hollywood

CANNES, France - While in Cannes on Tuesday, Robert Pattinson confirmed that there will be a fourth “Twilight” film based on the Stephenie Meyer novel, “Breaking Dawn,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Pattinson said he is committed to starring in the final outing to date, but doesn’t know when backers Summit Entertainment will begin production because of the actor’s jam-packed shooting schedule. Pattinson, who turned 23 last week, will be shooting his final days of “New Moon” in Italy on Friday.

The screen adaptation of “New Moon” will also extend Pattinson’s role. His character, Edward Cullen, was absent for most of the novel and only appeared as a voice in Bella Swan’s head. “You’re playing a figment in Bella’s imagination so I was trying to do it in a 2-D way. I hope it doesn’t translate onscreen as being boring,” Pattinson said.

The vampire franchise has catapulted Pattinson’s career – and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Pattinson will take a few days off after finishing “New Moon” before starting the filming of “Remember Me,” a drama about two lovers. After the eight-week shoot for “Remember Me,” he will take three days off before finishing the third “Twilight” movie, “Eclipse,” in October.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Angels & Demons Review

Over the weekend I saw Angels & Demons, the controversial film directed by Ron Howard and based on Dan Brown's book by the same name. As fans of the novel will know, Angels & Demons is a prequel to The Da Vinci Code. Tom Hanks returns (with a better haircut) once again to reprise his roll as the Harvard professor and symbologist Robert Langdon. This movie may not be the best place to go for a history lesson, but for passable popcorn entertainment, it fills the 2 hours plus with fast-paced thrills and excitement.

The opening scene unfolds at the supercollider in Switzerland, where a slice of newly generated antimatter is stolen. If unleashed, it could blow up all of Rome. During that time the Pope has just passed away and four priests — possible papal successors — have been kidnapped. And to save the day the Vatican calls on Robert Langdon and of course the pretty female scientist, Vittoria Vetra (Ayelet Zurer), who helped created the anti-matter. The two form an unlikely team who run around the Vatican trying to save the day as the four priests get picked off one by one, every hour by a group claiming to be the Illuminati, an ancient anti-clerical sect.

Though the film is a little predictable and the acting sub-par it is a lot more fun than The Da Vinci Code and packs some great intensity. The locations and scenery are incredible - it definitely heighten my love for Italy. The effects are remarkable, especially considering that most of the Vatican locations - including the Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Square - were recreated using sets in Hollywood and CGI.

Grossing an estimated $48 million opening weekend Angels & Demons is nothing more than a good way to pass the time. It’s not fantastic, but it’s not as horrible as all the critics are saying. It’s been a long time since I read the book and because of that I had forgotten a lot of the main plots and twists which was really fun for me to discover all over again. Even though I felt the book was much better than the movie (haha) I also felt the film followed the book rather well - most of the original material was intact. As long as you don't think too much you'll be happy and content with Angels & Demons. Anyway, it's summer time who wants to go around thinking about stuff. ;)


What did you think of this film?...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nine Trailer

Famous film director Guido Contini struggles to find harmony in his professional and personal lives, as he engages in dramatic relationships with his wife, his mistress, his muse, his agent, and his mother.

Nine is directed by Rob Marshall, of the Oscar winning musical Chicago as well as Memoirs of a Geisha most recently. The screenplay was adapted by filmmaker Anthony Minghella and Michael Tolkin, of The Rapture, Deep Impact, and Changing Lanes. The film is based on Federico Fellini's masterpiece . The Weinstein Company will debut Nine in theaters everywhere on Thanksgiving Day, November 25th.

This movie looks absolutely amazing to me. The cast alone is incredible!
But I want to know what you think...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek Review

I wouldn’t call myself a Trekkie and while I absolutely respect the Star Trek universe, I would simply classify myself a minor fan. Growing up however, I did watch some of “The Next Generation” and occasionally the original series with my parents who are major trekkies. Some consider Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan to be the best Star Trek movie to date and even though it was fantastic and will forever be a Sci-Fi classic, I have a feeling many Star Trek fans will find J.J. Abrams a glorious return to the Enterprise.

This Star-Trek film is a sexy, Rock N Roll version of the 1960’s television series that returns to its original roots adding style and humor. It tells the story of how James T. Kirk came to be the Captain of the USS Enterprise and how he meets his crew. It’s the same old Star Trek but with a modern kick. In a breathtaking pre-credit sequence, Kirk is shown being born while his Starship captain/father speeds to his untimely death in a blaze of glory. The film then precedes to shows us the different upbringing of Kirk and his future partner Spock. Soon after we see them at the Starfleet Academy where they are soon ordered to go on a rescue mission to the planet Vulcan. Here we see their leader, Capt. Pike taken prisoner by a Romulan named Nero, who is hell-bent on destroying all the planets in the federation including Earth.

One of the great charms of this film is that anyone who knows anything about the original "Star Trek" crew will feel right at home with this brilliant new cast who are instantly identifiable . Chris Pine has Kirk's good looks and reckless confidence, while Zachary Quinto is an uncanny Spock and holds his own even when confronted by the original 1960’s Spock played by Leonard Nimoy, who has much more than a mere cameo. Karl Urban as Dr. Lenard ‘Bones’ McCoy, was perfect and dead on! John Cho as Sulu and Anton Yelchin as Chekov all get moments to shine, while, as the glamorous Uhura, Zoe Chernov has fun in discovering an unlikely romance. Simon Pegg shows up as Scotty half way through the film but makes the most of his limited time. Eric Bana is almost unrecognizable as the villain Nero, and he makes the role suitably scary. If you blink you'll miss Winona Ryder, who in my opinion was oddly cast.
The special effects are nothing less than grand and spectacular. Nothing in this film is less than stellar - everything pops with action and thrills. The story is extremely well written, with some nice conflict between Kirk and Spock and how their true natures comes to head during their dangerous mission. Abrams' creation of a time-travel loop was a demonically clever way to reinvent the Star Trek universe without violating the original series.

Star Trek beamed in more than $72 million opening weekend. And even though I feel this amount is surprising low for a movie of this stature, I also feel this movie has strong lasting power and because of that it is bound to roll in even more money at the box office in weeks to come. Seeing this film at the IMAX made the movie experience even more exhilarating and if possible I strongly recommend seeing it there. This is one of the greatest prequels ever made. It's full of life, wit, smarts, intense thrills and sheer gratifying entertainment. I don’t think I have ever been this impressed with Star Trek before. I’m hoping this will lead to a rebirth series of some kind - if so I highly anticipate the sequel!


So readers, what are your thoughts regarding this movie?...

Friday, May 1, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review

This action-packed, man-candy, popcorn flick was a great way to kick off the summer movie season. It roared at the box office, hauling in an estimated $87 million opening weekend. Hugh Jackman did an outstanding job reprising his role that put him on the map as the incredibly studly, rippling with layers of muscles, Wolverine!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine tells a story of Wolverine's epically violent and romantic past. The story isn’t about how Wolverine got his mutant powers, but how the man Logan became a mutant who uses his extra special abilities - steely claws - to fight the good fight. Wolverine is all about doing what's right despite his early upbringing with his brother who sadly enough does not share the same moral code.

We get an insight in his complex relationship with his brother Victor Creed/Sabretooth, and the dismal Weapon X program. Along the way, Wolverine encounters many mutants, including a couple of really cool and interesting new characters that we sadly didn't get to see enough of. Gambit, John Wraith, The Blob, and Wade Wilson are in and out way, way too quickly, which is a shame because I would have liked to have seen more of those characters interact with Wolverine.

The action scenes were pretty spectacular, in particular one involving a helicopter, some Humvees and Wolverine on a motorcycle. I actually felt a little winded after it was over, that's how well it drew me in. The special effects were, as expected, large and very well done. The only real time the CGI looked fake was when Wolverine was looking at his newly implanted steel claws in the mirror, but that wasn’t a big deal. I did however feel there were a couple cheesy scenes involving Wolverine's anger, but again those parts were small and didn’t detract from the movie too much.

Those familiar with the X-Men comics will have a very different viewing experience from those, like myself, who only know X-Men from the films. X-Men comic fans have been saying this movie was awful and insulting to the comic books. Be that as it may I thought it was pretty good. It ended very smoothly and does a great job setting up where the first X-men film started; or perhaps another Wolverine adventure before he meets Professor Xavier and the X-men.

By no means is this an epic movie, but it is fun and exciting from beginning to end and should be seen if for no other reason then to get the bad taste of ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ out of your mouth. All in all I would say this is a pretty good summer hit! :)

Next up is X-Men Origins: Magneto (2011)
P.S.Marvel Studios has a habit of hiding little treats here and there in their films and Wolverine is no exception. Turns out they did it again by adding multiple secret endings on different prints, so movie theaters all over will be showing different versions.

District-9 Teaser

The District 9 is the teaser trailer for Wolverine, which was released today. The trailer shows what seems to be a documentary film in South Africa. The natives are talking about the aliens which now live amongst them, in a society of separate but equal’. This movie is said by many to be the big summer surprise. We shall see...

From little seen here what are your thoughts?

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