Friday, May 1, 2009

District-9 Teaser

The District 9 is the teaser trailer for Wolverine, which was released today. The trailer shows what seems to be a documentary film in South Africa. The natives are talking about the aliens which now live amongst them, in a society of separate but equal’. This movie is said by many to be the big summer surprise. We shall see...

From little seen here what are your thoughts?


Mena said...

hello! thanks for the trailer. I see that you like to watch a lot of movies! that's gret!!

I saw also that you are a keane fan! Have you gone to their concerts?


Kristen said...

Mena -

Thank you for your comment. Yes, I love going to the movies. It's my love for them that started this whole site.

Keane is a really great band, but sadly I have yet to see them live. Some day I will though. :)

Groverfam said...

hmmm! I am not sure what I think of this! It feels like a "blair witch project" trailer or something. it gives you so little and the result it just as small. we'll see

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