Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek Review

I wouldn’t call myself a Trekkie and while I absolutely respect the Star Trek universe, I would simply classify myself a minor fan. Growing up however, I did watch some of “The Next Generation” and occasionally the original series with my parents who are major trekkies. Some consider Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan to be the best Star Trek movie to date and even though it was fantastic and will forever be a Sci-Fi classic, I have a feeling many Star Trek fans will find J.J. Abrams a glorious return to the Enterprise.

This Star-Trek film is a sexy, Rock N Roll version of the 1960’s television series that returns to its original roots adding style and humor. It tells the story of how James T. Kirk came to be the Captain of the USS Enterprise and how he meets his crew. It’s the same old Star Trek but with a modern kick. In a breathtaking pre-credit sequence, Kirk is shown being born while his Starship captain/father speeds to his untimely death in a blaze of glory. The film then precedes to shows us the different upbringing of Kirk and his future partner Spock. Soon after we see them at the Starfleet Academy where they are soon ordered to go on a rescue mission to the planet Vulcan. Here we see their leader, Capt. Pike taken prisoner by a Romulan named Nero, who is hell-bent on destroying all the planets in the federation including Earth.

One of the great charms of this film is that anyone who knows anything about the original "Star Trek" crew will feel right at home with this brilliant new cast who are instantly identifiable . Chris Pine has Kirk's good looks and reckless confidence, while Zachary Quinto is an uncanny Spock and holds his own even when confronted by the original 1960’s Spock played by Leonard Nimoy, who has much more than a mere cameo. Karl Urban as Dr. Lenard ‘Bones’ McCoy, was perfect and dead on! John Cho as Sulu and Anton Yelchin as Chekov all get moments to shine, while, as the glamorous Uhura, Zoe Chernov has fun in discovering an unlikely romance. Simon Pegg shows up as Scotty half way through the film but makes the most of his limited time. Eric Bana is almost unrecognizable as the villain Nero, and he makes the role suitably scary. If you blink you'll miss Winona Ryder, who in my opinion was oddly cast.
The special effects are nothing less than grand and spectacular. Nothing in this film is less than stellar - everything pops with action and thrills. The story is extremely well written, with some nice conflict between Kirk and Spock and how their true natures comes to head during their dangerous mission. Abrams' creation of a time-travel loop was a demonically clever way to reinvent the Star Trek universe without violating the original series.

Star Trek beamed in more than $72 million opening weekend. And even though I feel this amount is surprising low for a movie of this stature, I also feel this movie has strong lasting power and because of that it is bound to roll in even more money at the box office in weeks to come. Seeing this film at the IMAX made the movie experience even more exhilarating and if possible I strongly recommend seeing it there. This is one of the greatest prequels ever made. It's full of life, wit, smarts, intense thrills and sheer gratifying entertainment. I don’t think I have ever been this impressed with Star Trek before. I’m hoping this will lead to a rebirth series of some kind - if so I highly anticipate the sequel!


So readers, what are your thoughts regarding this movie?...


Dave said...

I concur. Very well written review of Star Trek. I thought it was a fantastic movie, and it definitely was a great blend of past and present, taking traditional elements (and lines) from the past and meshing them with modern effects, and style.

There were a few things that you could pick apart about the movie, but these were for the most part minute, and have no bearing on the entertainment experience. Go see this movie. I for one will own it.

Melain said...

I with you there sister! I love every second of that movie!!! I'll be the first in line for a sequal fo SHO!

Groverfam said...

You are amazingly talented and i love to read your take- even when I don't agree- as you continue to write you get even better and the use of language gets even more fun to read. As i have not yet seen it I can't comment on the movie itself but you definitely make me want to go and see it.

Go shawty! said...
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Go shawty! said...

I appreciated how they managed to have the new characters share some of the traits of the older Star Trek cast. The resemblance was uncanny.

It was a great movie from start to finish and I look forward to the next edition.

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