Monday, June 1, 2009

MTV Movie Awards '09

I'm usually up for any kind of movie award show, even if it is the loud and obnoxious, anything-goes MTV Movie Awards. When watching a show such as this you have to remember it's only MTV. It’s simply one big pile of golden popcorn FLUFF and it’s just fun. When I heard Andy Samberg was going to host the show it peeked my interest that much more. I LOVE THAT GUY! He is one of the best comedic performers right now and it's definitely his time to shine. I knew the show wouldn't disappoint with him leading the ring of fire. If you missed the show last night no need to fret as it will be airing pretty much the rest of the month on MTV. But in the mean time I wanted to share with you some of my favorite highlights of the night. (FYI for some lame MTV reason you will have to cut and paste the websites)

This first clip had me and my friends
laughing into tears. SO FUNNY!
One of the BEST award show openings! lol

Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions
This could not be further from the truth. (haha) LOVE IT!

And the most talked about moment of the
night and the days to come...

First of all I can not wait to see BrĂ¼no (set for release July 10) and second of all was Eminem unaware of this little stunt or was it pure fashion publicity? Remember folks he does have a new album coming out. At first I thought there’s no way Eminem would ever allow that to happen, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that he had to have been in on it. I mean come on! Regardless it was still pretty firggin hilarious! LOL

**Exclusive Movie Clip**
New Moon
JK you've been punk'd! (haha)

OK OK here's the real New Moon clip...

I will say it does look a little better than Twilight, but let us remember the bar was set pretty low. Even though I hated Twilight I will be seeing New Moon regardless, but only because I love the books so much. I’m curious.

I can't say much for the winners as Twilight pretty much dominated the show (barf) taking home five awards. See full list of winners here... 2009 MTV Movie Awards. I will say Andy Samberg did an outstanding job hosting and we welcome him back anytime. If it wasn't for him the show wouldn't have been worth watching.



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