Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Teaser

I'm sure many of you are just as excited to see this film as I am. I've always been a huge Tim Burton fan. I love his work! It's definitely distinctive and quite charming. Disney has just released the teaser for the new Alice in Wonderland. Enjoy!

I must say, after viewing this teaser it is every bit as wonderful as I was expecting and hoping for. It has a cartoon feel to it, but I think it works well with this film. It's also very dark and has a strong fairytale feel to it as well - which I love. I feel Burton did an excellent job casting for this film too. Johnny Depp looks amazing as the Mad Hatter (not that I had any doubts). It doesn't even really look or sound like him either. I doubt one would even be able to tell unless they knew it was him. Needless to say, I am super excited to see this movie in 3-D! I would love it if this was the only clip we saw before its release date, March 5, 2010, however I think we all know that will never happen.

To view more art on this film click here: Tim Burton's Topsy-Turvy Wonderland

So, what do YOU think?...


Troy said...
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Troy said...

That is one effin creepy cat!!!

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