Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sequels That Bombed

Source: MovieFill

The Final Destination, New Line Cinema’s fourth stab in the Final Destination series, remained at #1 at the box office last weekend. Its current total of just over $50 million domestically, puts it on pace to be the most successful movie in FD franchise history - not by much, but it’s still a net loss for discerning filmgoers nationwide. This news is too surprising. In the battle between intelligent filmgoers and Hollywood executives, most of the time, stupidity wins. Recent insanely successful dumb sequels include: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (which made over $828 million worldwide, despite abysmal reviews), and Indiana Jones: and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ($786 million worldwide, despite Harrison Ford needing an assistant to crack his whip at this point. However, sometimes (on very rare occasions) when Hollywood recycles garbage in the form of half-baked sequels, we punish them for it. We take a stand. We boycott their bulls*t. I mean, seriously? Free Willy 3? How many times are we gonna have to free this whale? Maybe he’s meant to die. The following graphic features notable sequels that bombed at that box office over the last 20 or so years, taking into account box office (adjusted for inflation) and Rotten Tomatoes reviews. Most of the films we included made under $35 million. A few (Blair Witch 2, Analyze That), made over $35 but were still considered bombs because of the significant drop in sales from their predecessor. Bombs away!

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You know I really thought Basic Instinct 2 was gonna be huge (note the sarcasm). But all in all I have to say it comes as no surprise that most of these movies here died a miserable box office death. The funny thing about this chart is that most people probably haven't even seen most of these films, which is exactly why they were failures (and for good reason, most of them sucked). Anyway, I hope we've gained some insight here. If the first movie sucks or is fine on its own leave it alone!



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