Monday, December 21, 2009

Avatar Review

I saw Avatar over the weekend and I have to say I was completely blown away. I was a little afraid the special effects were going to make it look cheesy and fake, but those fears were quickly put to rest after seeing this engrossing and captivating movie. There is not a single frame in Avatar that doesn’t look stunning and authentic: from the heavily military human mining colony to the beautiful planet Pandora (which contains a rare mineral that the humans want), to Pandora’s indigenous Na’vi population who aren’t too happy about the human’s being there.

The scenes depicting the forests and floating mountains of Pandora are truly amazing. The Na’vi and the avatars look incredibly realistic, and the action is exactly the sort of thing audiences have come to expect from writer/director James Cameron. It didn't take me long to fall completely in love with this movie. Even though the movie ran 2 hours and 43 minutes, it didn't feel long at all. I loved every second of it. I wish I was a Na'vi and lived on Pandora.

Cameron is known for setting new standards for high quality cinema with films such as: The Terminator, Aliens (my personal favorite) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. These films are regarded as classics in the science-fiction/action genre. With Avatar Cameron not only sets new standards for the use of computer-generated imagery special effects but also the use of 3D photography. Cameron has made no compromises with Avatar from a technical point-of-view and after over 15 years in the making it's great to see Cameron's hard work pay off. Even though I felt the plot was pretty basic, I still loved this movie and I will definitely see it again in theaters. I strongly recommend seeing this movie in 3D. A-MAZ-ING!

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