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Best & Worst Movies of 2009

It's hard to believe 2009 is coming to an end. Hollywood movies gave us a great run, bringing us some of the best entertainment around, as well as introducing us to a few new ideas (thank goodness!). At the end of each year I always like to reflect on the best & worst movies. Last year I only picked five of each. I don't think I can get away with that this year - there were just so many good movies to love, not to mention so many bad movies to hate. After careful consideration and deep thought (haha), I finally compiled my list. In no particular order I give you my top 10 BEST & WORST movies of 2009.

(It's shameful how many bad movies I've seen over the year)


It's almost like they didn't care what they called this piece of crap movie.
"Gee Bob, there's a lot of fighting going on... how 'bout you just call it Fighting?"
Poorly written, horrible acting to the point of ridiculous. Most of the time your eyebrows are raised while thinking "Really? I mean really?!"


Yeah um,... save yourself the time and money and just watch the 2 minute trailer. Everything funny about this movie is all right there. In fact clips from the trailer are delivered better and are funnier than in the actual movie. LAMENESS!

Some girlfriends talked me into seeing this movie one night and I thought, "even though it looks dumb, what the hell." Seriously though, WHAT. THE. HELL?!! If you're looking for scary this is NOT the movie to rent. They should really advertise this film as a comedy. That possessed goat was hilarious!

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

If I was a 10 year old boy eating cereal in front of my TV on a Saturday morning I would to'ally love this half-ass movie. I was hoping this movie would rival Transformers, but it missed that mark by A LOT! Basically it was a live action take on the original cheesy and poorly written 80's cartoon. Plus if I'm going to see a movie with Channing Tatum he better take his shirt off. HELLO?!

The Haunting in Connecticut

Sure this movie had a few thrilling and scare factor moments, but in the end the story line was so inconsistent to the point of ridiculous and laughable. They were just trying too hard to be another The Amityville Horror movie. I just couldn't get into it. STU-PID!

The Unborn

"Wake me up when it gets scary."
This movie is a prime example of yet another misleading scare-fest trailer, because in reality there is nothing and I do mean NOTHING scary about this movie. It was simply BOOOORIIIING!


I'll take 'this movie is pretty lame' for $1000, Alex. I mean come on! If you're thinking this film is going to be exciting, thrilling and/or scary, I'm here to tell you you're wrong. It's a pretty slow movie with the dumbest anticlimactic ending. I love Kate Beckinsale though.

Angels & Demons

I really enjoyed the book, but after The Da Vinci Code movie I was kind of done with Mr. (None Believer) Dan Brown. The movie followed the book pretty well over all, but it lacked a certain intrigue that made the book so great. It was just a blah blah blah movie in my book. (pun intended)

Sorry Isla Fisher, even you're adorable, cute personality wasn't enough to make make this movie worth while. It looked cheaply made, it was poorly written and in my opinion it was trying too hard to be stylized as another Sex and the City episode. Just pass.

The Ugly Truth

It's so refreshing to see Katherine Heigl branch out and show her more versatile side to acting. Oh wait, nevermind. Why was this movie rated R again? More importantly why was this movie ever made?! I can get behind predictable, but not predictable AND stupid - that's just not a good combo.


(I fell in love with these movies right away)


This is such an adorable and fun-loving movie. It was a fresh idea (for once), it has lovable characters and the animation was amazing. It was this years Wall-E. A + +!

Star Trek

I'm not usually one for remakes/reboots, but J.J. Abrams certainly out did himself with this one. With an excellent cast, a great script, amazing special effects and a great story to follow, this movie is top notch indeed. I can't wait for the sequel!

The Hangover

This is what you get when you mix jagermeister in a glass of Las Vegas. This movie is hilarious, smart and witty. It has a great cast and some funny-ass guest appearances. I love how the story unfolds and the mess the main characters get into. It's one wild and crazy joy-ride right off the bat.

I wasn't really interested in seeing this movie at first, but I'm so glad I changed my mind because this movie is one hell of a ride! It was cleverly thought out, it had fun characters, a good plot and it was funny as hell! I can't wait to own this movie. I'm telling you, you'll love it.

AWESOME movie!! Go see it immediately if not sooner. (Be prepared for some violence though)

Harry Potter movies just get better and better as the series continues. This one (the 6th in the series of 7 books) was dark and eerie, well written and fun all wrapped into one great movie. I can't wait for the next movie! If you like the Harry Potter movies and haven't seen this one yet, what are you waiting for?!

Paranormal Activity

It only took 10 days to film and it only cost $1500 to make. Now it's grossed over $100 million. This surprise summer blockbuster movie was done very well. It was super scary too without trying too hard or using any blood and gore (which is the best kind of scary movie). It was just a smart concept. The ending will blow you away.

District 9

With all the remakes and reboots this past year it was nice to see Peter Jackson come up with a (semi) fresh idea using fresh new actors. The special effects were outstanding and the story was extremely captivating. Great movie!


BRILLIANT! A must see movie on the 3D IMAX screen. James Cameron did it again. I was so intrawlled with the movie that by the end I was planning my next vacation to Pandora. (haha) It hasn't even been out a month and it's already broken IMAX records. I loved this movie!

This movie was extremely entertaining, light and just plain fun. The music, the dancing the sets and the people... everything about this movie was fantastic. It was interesting to see MJ behind the scences as well. The King of Pop will surely be missed.

What does your top 10 list for
Best & Worst movies for 2009 look like?...


Dave said...

I’m proud to say I didn’t see any movies on your top 10 bad list. I liked your take on the movies, but what’s with all the language?

David said...

Fantastic Mr. Fox should e in the best of 09 for sure. Right nearbthe top of my list. Invention of Lying would be on my worst list, and not just of 2009.

Groverfam said...

I am so with David- the invention of lying left me absolute speechless and not in a good way... I wouldn't have put confessions on the worst...there were far worse- I was entertained with it. I would agree after watching UP for the first time last night and it was original, sweet, funny and totally worth my time. Other than that those are the only 2 movies I saw on your list.

JFun said...

NEW MOON was one of the worst movies of the year for shizzles. So was Paul Blart: Mall Cop!

I actually kinda liked G.I. Joe but we've gone over this 'til we were blue in the face!

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