Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oscar Thank You Speeches Montage Video

Source: Vulture

Ah yes, the infamous thank you speech. A very important part of the Academy Awards legacy, wouldn't you agree? This year the producers of the Oscars are trying to get winners to minimize the length of their speeches so that they can keep the show from getting too long and boring. But if you ask me they've been trying to do that for years and years.haha Good luck. Anyway, before we see this year's thank yous, I've got a fun video to share with you this Oscar weekend. It comes from Vulture (via In Contention) and is a "Hypnotic Montage of Oscar Thank-Yous" that, in 73 seconds, runs through a whole bunch of thank you speeches, but only just the names. This should definitely put you in the Oscar mood!

The Academy Awards ceremony begins Sunday (5PM PT / 8PM ET). I look forward to seeing who will go home with a golden Oscar and who will leave empty handed. I really think/hope Inglourious Basterds will win Best Picture, even though everyone else is saying The Hurt Locker will take it. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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