Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscars 2010

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't all that excited about the Academy Awards this year, which of course is a little unusual for me. With that being said, I was going to forgo throwing an Oscar party, however at the last minute I changed my mind. I'm glad I did, because this year my party was so much fun! We all really go into it. We drank, ate and laughed the whole time. It was definitely one of my favorite Oscars parties yet!
Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin co-hosted the show and in my opinion, they did a pretty good job. However, over all, it was a little blah. They weren't given enough stage time. I wanted more from them - more jokes, more excitement... I just wanted more. I will say I was a little disappointed Inglourious Basterds didn't win Best Picture. I guess Hollywood isn't ready for that kind of edginess yet. But I am happy we made Oscar history by awarding Best Director to the FIRST female ever - Kathryn Bigelow. And how awesome was it that she was up against her ex-husband, James Cameron. You go girl!


**First female win for BEST DIRECTOR**


Jeff Bridges & Sandra Bullock


Now I knew these four actors were going to win this year, so I wasn't really surprised by their win. Come to think of it there really weren't any surprises at all this year. Like I said, it was just a blah Oscar night. Nothing really stood out or made me laugh really hard, I'm mean difficult, I mean hard. I was sad Fantastic Mr. Fox didn't win for Best Animated Movie. I loved that movie and it definitely deserved an Oscar. I was happy to see Up win for Best Score though. There were a lot of really good ones this year, so it was a toss up for me. But I think they made the right choice by awarding Up. The musical score has a timeless, joyous feel to it. It's beautiful and sweet. It just makes me happy and hopeful.

On to Fashion...
One of the best parts about Oscar Night are the dresses and jewelery, what's hot and what's not. The fashion this night is almost just as important as the movies themselves. Here are my picks for Best and Worst Dressed.


Mariska Hargitay

When I saw her step onto the red carpet in this black strapless Vera Wang gown that's anything but basic, I knew this would be my favorite dress of the evening. Check out all the details, especially at the bottom. I really like the bow tied to the side as well. I thought this dress was extremely flattering and absolutely stunning. Her hair was done up beautifully and the gorgeous tiered diamond necklace and diamond bracelet added further luxe to her already dazzling look.


Kate Winslet

This Yves Saint Laurent dress was absolutely boooooriiiiiiing. I can’t understand why it made so many best dressed lists. Don’t get me wrong I love Kate Winslet, she looked stunning from the neck up, but in my opinion she always plays it much too safe with her dress choices. The color of this dress was dull, the texture was even worse and the shape is super unflattering. It was just blah, blah, blah-ful.

There you have it, my take on the Oscars this year. If anything it was my Oscar party that made watching the Oscars so much fun. I hope next year they spice the show up a bit, like they've done in past years. Anyway, I'm excited for what Hollywood has in store for us this year. All good things I hope. See ya at the movies!


JFun said...

Up's score really was the best! And your party was SO FUN! I LOVED it.

The Danimal said...

you owe me lunch bitch! Remember our deal???!!!! Monique stole that shit!

Kristen said...

The Danimal: Yeah, yeah I know. lol I'm still impressed at how early you called that.

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