Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's Up Doc?

Of course I've always loved watching them in the past (Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Shark Week etc.), but for some reason, over the last month or so, I've been extremely interested in them. It seems I've been watching them pretty regularly now. I was channel surfing one day and happened upon this documentary called The History of Plastic. It was really fascinating and quite informative. I realized how much I didn't know and/or took for granted. It was very educational. I loved it! It was from there that spawned the re-birth of my documentary watching phase. Soon after that some friends and I rented Food Inc. which I also LOVED! From there I started checking out more and more films like The History of the Egg, American Teen, Blue Gold: World Water Wars and The History of the Plague - all really good, informative and well done documentaries. I recommend checking them out. Below are just a few, on my long list of documentaries, I'd like to check out. Some have already been released, while others will be later this year. (Click on links to learn more)

Flow: For Love of Water

The September Issue

Waiting for Superman

The Art of the Steal


What documentaries do you recommend I check out?


erin leigh said...

king of kong: fistfull of quarters

hands on a hard body


and if you liked food, inc., check out king of corn

The Danimal said...

King of Kong is SO SO SO GOOD. I own it if you want to borrow it.

Lake of fire (but it's about abortion--really intense so be prepared.

Born into Brothels

paper clips

I love documentaries!!! that's a fun hobby to be checking out.

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