Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Blockbuster *HOTTIES* of 2010

Yep, summer is a great time for movies indeed. Not only do we have great movies coming out this season, but we also have a hell of a lot of delicious eye candy to feast our eyes upon. I started this blog post last year and decided to make it an annual thing - click here for last years Summer Blockbuster *HOTTIES*. In the world of Hollywood or as I like to call it, “wonderland,” everything is glamorous, glitzy and beautiful 24/7. And the movie stars are no different. Below you will see a list of my top 10 lip-smackin' Man-candy & Mouth-watering Bombshells who will no doubt sizzle up the silver screens this summer. Enjoy!

*Lip-smackin' Man-candy*

Robert Downey Jr.
We definitely have Ironman to thank for putting this gorgeous man back on top again, and we're very grateful. With a smile like his, this charming, muscle bound stud is back for good and ready for some A-list action. If you haven't seen it already, be sure to check him out in Iron Man 2! Great movie.

Next Up: Due Date (11/5/10)
Where he plays a high-strung father-to-be who is forced to hitch a ride with aspiring actor on a road trip to make sure he's back on time for his child's birth.

Leonardo DiCaprio
He has this kind of charismatic and super sultry way about himself that one can't quantify or analyze. It has to do with a sincerity and a clarity that makes you see something good in him, and to me that's incredibly sexy. He’s this extremely talented, 6’ tall beautiful man. Three words: DE-LIC-IOUS! Be sure to catch this actor, if you can, in Inception
, which comes out July 16th. Click here for the trailer.

Next Up: Prisoners (2011)
He will play a Boston man who kidnaps the person he suspects is behind the disappearance of his young daughter and her best friend.

Josh Brolin
I’m sure if you were to look his name up in the dictionary you would read: Tall, dark and incredibly handsome. There’s no doubt about it folks, his wife, Diane Lang is one lucky lady. This star has talent to back up his devastatingly good looks and incredible sex appeal. Be sure to check him out in Jonah Hex
on June 18th, and again in September in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Click here if you want to view the the trailer.

Next Up: True Grit
It's a story about a tough U.S. Marshal who helps a stubborn young woman track down her father's murderer.

James Franco
What can be said about this guy other than he's incredibly intelligent, talented, scorchingly sexy, charming, witty, funny and all around gorgeous? Nothing, I guess. Be sure to catch him in Eat Pray Love
on August 13th.

Next Up:
Your Highness
James will play an arrogant and lazy prince in a fantasy movie where his more heroic brother must complete a quest in order to save their father's kingdom.

He is so delish, if I was his wife, I'd be preggers all the time. J/K, but seriously. With a smile that can easily make your legs shake and a solid hard body like his, it's no wonder this down to Earth, gorgeous talent has women all over screaming his name for more. Be sure to catch him in The Adjustment Bureau which hits theaters September 17th. Click here to watch the trailer.

Next Up: True Grit (12/25/10)
He will play a tough U.S. Marshal who helps a stubborn young woman track down her father's murderer.

*Mouth-watering Bombshells*

Ashley Greene
I don’t think there’s a single man (or woman for that matter) who wouldn’t mind sinking their teeth into this Twilight starlet. She’s young and devastatingly beautiful, sweet and seemingly innocent and even though she received her fame via The Twilight Saga, with lips like hers and mouth dropping "assets," we’ll gladly forgive her. I’d say be sure to catch her in Eclipse, June 30th (barf puke vomit), but I’m not going to.

Next Up:
The Apparition
This is a story about a young couple who are haunted by a supernatural presence that is unleashed during a college experiment.

Angelina Jolie
As a rule, I would say most men want to date her while most women want to be her (if only for Brad Pitt). This bombshell exudes confidence and strength. With her vivacious sex appeal, those full pouty lips, that husky voice, not to mention her wild side, it’s no wonder people all over are drawn to her. Don't miss her in Salt out July 23rd. Click here to watch the trailer.

Next Up:
The Tourist (2/16/11)
The story revolves around Frank, an American tourist visiting Italy to mend a broken heart. Elise is an extraordinary woman who deliberately crosses his path.

Jessica Alba
This stunning beauty is so hot even she's annoyed. I’m sure it must be difficult to be taken seriously in Hollywood with a curvaceous body like hers, but don't worry, I’m sure she’ll be fine. If you ask me, this gorgeous vixen can pull off any look and get away with it. Have you seen Sin City? This sex pot moves like liquid! Be sure to catch her in The Killer Inside Me out June 8th and later this summer in Machete. Click here to watch the trailer.

Next Up:
An Invisible Sign of My Own (2010)
She will play a 20-year-old loner who, as a child, turned to math for salvation after her father became ill. As an adult, Mona now teaches the subject and must help her students through their own crises.

Scarlett Johansson
What's not to love about this young, charming lady? She's this sweet girl-next-door type who isn't afraid to vamp it up HOT on the red carpet. This strikingly beautiful bombshell has it all - a gorgeous husband, a good career, curves for days, a sexy husky voice and full lip-smackin' scarlet red lips that just won't quit. If you haven't seen Iron Man 2 go see it immediately if not sooner!

Next Up: The Avengers (2012)

Megan Fox
This mouth watering bombshell oozes sex appeal, whether she’s getting gas at the gas station or sexing it up on the red carpet. We've always known that she's a hit with the men-folk, but I was surprised at how quickly she has made an impact on women - they consider her to have one of the most coveted celebrity bodies around. She's almost too hot. Like they need to come up with another word to describe how steamy-hot this sexy dame really is. This is her 2nd time on this list I might add. Don't miss here in Jonah Hex, out June 18th. Click here for the trailer.

Next Up:
Transformers 3 (2011)
Although there have been rumors she may not be returning for the 3rd installment. Stay tuned!

Who are some of your favorite Summer
Blockbuster Hotties of 2010?...


Dave said...

So sad to know Ms. Fox won't be in Transformers 3...

Go shawty! said...

I agree with Dave. If Megan isn't in the 3rd one I will consider it a galactic OUTRAGE!
The 2nd movie sucked like a leech were it not for her.

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