Monday, June 7, 2010

Splice Review

I really should research my movies beforehand. Had I known Splice's director, Vincenzo Natali is the same guy who directed Cube (awful, horrible, pointless movie btw) I would have stayed away... far away.

From a distance, it does have some good things going for it. It stars actors of skill and intelligence - Oscar winner Adrien Brody and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Sarah Polley, but the good news stops there. This story goes from intriguing to weird to boring to gross and disturbing with the speed of a car rolling downhill. And the laughter you hear in the theater is the audience's natural response when it does.

A couple of conceited scientist, Clive (Brody) and Elsa (Polly) successfully create a new life form by splicing a bunch of different genes together. Not being happy with this major accomplishment they immediately think – hey let’s splice human and animal DNA together and see what we get. "What's the worse that can happen?" When are scientists going to learn that these experiments at playing god never end well?

The first half of the movie is actually pretty decent. It pretends to have a debate about the ethics of what they are doing. It’s handled in about one or two sentences, and it goes something like this – “We shouldn’t do this,” “Why?” “It’s illegal and we’ll lose our jobs” “We will do it in secret, no one will ever find out,” “Ok…” Natali takes a lot of time for the set up and does a good job of making us care about Dren, the “child” they end up creating (Delphine ChanĂ©ac), but it takes forever to go beyond the birth and the child years to the inevitable “evil” turn.

The movie fails to give the main characters any texture and by the time the movie does give us some background it feels completely out of the blue. I guess I would have been fine with the movie if it was a straight up horror film, however it desperately wants to be a serious film, and fails miserably.

All the actors give decent performances with the material they have, the problem is the story was just so derivative of a million other straight to DVD movies of this type. I guess it’s an OK Saturday night HBO and/or SyFy, I have nothing better to do type of film, but as a Hollywood movie? Just pass.

What did you think?


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