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Eclipse Review (by Lili Grover)

Review by Lili Grover

I'm probably not going to see this movie anytime soon, given the fact that I'd rather scratch my eyes out before seeing Kristen Stewart ruin another Twilight movie. However, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was my favorite book in the series, so I wanted to do some kind of shout out. My sister-in-law Lili, saw the movie opening night and since I'm not writing a review, I asked if she'd spotlight her's instead. Here's what she had to say:

What is this crazy phenomena surrounding Edward and Jacob? You know we are not going to the movie to see Bella in action. It has been predicted that "Eclipse" the 3rd movie in the Twilight Series will make an estimated $150-$180 million in the first 6 days and I would have to agree. The theater in our area had 10 screens devoted to the addiction for the midnight showing and every single screen was sold out. I did not venture out to that showing, my sleep is just way too important to me. (Although I must admit if someone had asked I probably would have because I can) however, I did see the 7pm showing on its premiere day because I do have friends that make movies fun, whether they are quality or not. We bought our tickets last week. We started off the evening by watching the Twilight RiffTrax and a nice dinner.

Once we got to the theater (an hour early) and got our seats we heard conversations all around us about Ed
ward and Jacob, at I even heard a woman say; "Bella should be allowed to have 2 husbands." I mean why not, right? As the lights dimmed and the previews began I found myself horrified by the preview for Paranormal Activity 2 (I am not much of a horror person) and laughing at the new Bruce Willis action/comedy preview, Red and of course I was pulled in by the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but then came Eclipse. The camera pans in on a guy names Riley who becomes aware of a "presence" - of course we all know he's a goner.

It is apparent from the start that this movie had a bigger budget, and most definitely a much better director. I actually think the main actors may have gotten in a few acting lessons too. There were actually a few scenes in which
Robert Pattinson actually became "one" with Edward. Kristen Stewart seemed to know her lines a little better, she didn't stutter as much, and Taylor Lautner
, well I actually think he’s the scene stealer and I am an "Edward" fan. Of course, his shirt being off 80% of the time didn't hurt. Eclipse actually did a decent job portraying the feelings I felt when I read the book. Of course it is cheese and for all you teens, moms, single women and everyone else who may envision themselves as Bella - it's not real and it never will be. It still puts a smile on your face though. I found myself chuckling and smiling the entire way through. But I'm easily pleased and entertained when it comes to movies, maybe it’s because I don’t pick them apart. Whatever the reason, I actually enjoyed this one more than any of the other two.

The battle scenes were extraordinary! Watching the newborn vampires crack as their bodies are struck with the force of a brick wall was captivating. Even Jacob and Edward's heart-to-heart was "sweet.” They even went into the back stories of the Cullen family, which gives those characters a little more depth. And I must give honorable mention to
Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. It took me a minute to realize she wasn't the same actress in the first 2 movies, but as the final battle begins it is more than obvious and she does a fantastic job picking up where the other Victoria left off.

As the credits began to roll the thought I was left with was; "Wow, that final scene was the first time in all the movies that I actually felt like Bella and Edward connected." Maybe there is hope for the final movie in the series that will leave us with a "sigh" of triumph.

It has progressed from the first one in all categories, i.e. acting, connections, graphics, screenplay, depth, directing etc. I even felt like Jasper lost the stick up his butt for some of the time. With the money it's making it can only get better from here. I even thought maybe, just maybe, my husband might watch this one, probably not but the thought did occur to me. That's got to be saying something.

Great review! Thanks for sharing with us, Lili.

So what did you think?


Wouldn't You Like To Know said...

It was certainly the least laughable of the 3 Twilight movies. I actually liked it, considering I had nonexistent expectations.

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