Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Social Network Trailer

Source: Yahoo

"I deserve some recognition."

Sony Pictures has just debuted their very first full length trailer to David Fincher's film The Social Network. This film stars the talented and quite adorable Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg. I simply love him, and I'm really happy to see his career take off. I think this movie looks really good. I wouldn't expect anything less from a Fincher film - he's amazing! I think they did a great job with this trailer too. The music choice, the story and its progression, it's such a beautiful way of teasing up a movie. Nine Inch Nails front-man Trent Reznor along with NIN producer Atticus Ross.

The Social Network is directed by Oscar nominated filmmaker David Fincher, of superb films like, Se7en, The Game, Fight Club, Panic Room, Zodiac and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button previously. The script was written by screenwriter and producer Aaron Sorkin, of A Few Good Men, "The West Wing", and Charlie Wilson's War previously. It's based on Ben Mezrich's novel titled The Accidental Billionaires, about the founding of Facebook: "A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal." Sony is bringing this film to theaters on October 1st.

Look any good?


Patrick Buchan said...

Wow! It looks amazing! But I wonder if it's because I had no interest in this film as soon as I had heard about it. I love David Fincher (Yes, even Alien 3, but only the director's cut) and really that was the only reason why I would have seen it before. I'm actually really excited for this!

The Danimal said...

ooooooooo! I hadn't heard of this one yet Kristen! I like the trailer too. I want to buy the version of this song on itunes.

Groverfam said...

I am so intrigued!

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