Monday, September 20, 2010

Easy A Review

I wouldn't give this movie an A by any means, but it did delivered exactly what I was hoping for - mindless fluff. Easy A recalls memories of Mean Girls and even a few hints of the less impressive movie Saved!. It has a pretty amazing cast and some witty dialogue. I just think Emma Stone is so adorable. She's this young, talented up and coming star, who's been on the front lines of funny comedies like Zombieland (great movie btw) and Superbad. And now it's exciting to see her sparkle as the centerpiece in Easy A. Olive (Emma Stone) is a nobody at her high school who stumbles upon an unusual way to popularity - she pretends she slept with a college guy. In actuality, she's still a virgin who can't get a date. But she loves the way people talk and stare. She may not exactly be liked, but at least she's known. Soon her best friend, who's been getting picked on at school because of his suspected sexuality, asks Olive to pretend to sleep with him. They stage a very public affair at a party and soon he's one of the guys, while Olive becomes the most notorious girl at school. She flaunts it by stitching a red "A" on all her (suddenly low-cut) shirts, reveling her new found power. After reaching the peak of her popularity things start to fall apart for Olive. And in terms of quality the movie does too. The punch lines start to feel forced and over the top to be anything but funny. I felt there were certain story lines that were unnecessary as well. It dumbed down the movie in my opinion. And at first glance I loved Olive's parents, played by Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson. However, by the second half the "hip" parents just become too much to take. They're way too supportive of their daughter's apparent change in behavior and clothing, and offer way too much information about their own teen sexploits. Those parts just weren't funny to me. I really wanted to love this movie and if it weren't for the over-the-top forced banter and subplots, this movie would have been fanatically funny. But in the end I simply enjoyed it for what it was - mindless fluff. It's definitely your average, light and entertaining High School movie. RATING: C
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