Friday, October 8, 2010

Over The Hill To Damon's House We Go

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Mr. Matt Damon, oh how we love thee. He's got so much talent, humor and drive, it's no wonder he's Hollywood's most beloved actor and one of my all time favorites. He's been on my radar ever since I saw him in the 1992 film, School Ties - great movie btw. I just love this guys versatility - taking on rolls like the fierce/bad-ass spy, the unexpected, tortured genius, to the ever so annoying tattle-tail. He seems like a level-headed, strong-willed, fun person and I just love him.

Some of my favorite Damon flicks include,
Good Will Hunting, Ocean's Eleven, and of course The Bourne series. Oh, and let's not forget his hilarious guest appearance on Will & Grace - good times. Word has it they are continuing The Bourne series... without Mr. Matt Damon?! One thing's for certain, if he doesn't reprise his role, you can count me out. Click on link to learn more: EXCLUSIVE: Tony Gilroy Helming 'Bourne 4'. Be sure to look for Damon in his next project, Hereafter and again later this fall in True Grit. In celebration of this over-the-hill stud, I've attached a fun/cheesy video below. Enjoy!

Happy 40th Birthday, Matt!

We hope you have a GREAT day!

What are some of your favorite Damon films?


Melain said...

WHAT?! Mr. Matt Damon is FOURTY YEARS OLD?!! How can that be?! I still think of him as he was in my all time fav of his films, Good Will Hunting. Genius movie on all levels. I'll love it forever.

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