Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let Me In, Red, Life As We Know It Movie Reviews

I've been neglecting my movie reviews as of late. I've been seeing too many to keep up with my writing - slacker! So instead of giving each film their own individual post, I decided to keep it short and simple. Below you will find three films I saw over the past month. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised with each one. I thought they were all pretty good.
Let Me In
It just seemed wrong to remake this amazing 2008 Swedish film titled, Let the Right One In. The original hadn't even been out a whole year when they decided to remake this film. Fans all over were quite upset with the news. I wasn't planning on seeing it in theaters, but the opportunity presented itself and I caved. After all I am a fan of vampire films and I really like the main characters - Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road) and Chloe Moretz (Diary of a Whimpy Kid and Kick-Ass). Let Me In is about a young, soft spoken boy who is bulled by classmates at school. He soon befriends a young "girl" who moves into his building and from there they build a unlikely bond. Apart from the actors, names etc. it is an exact play-by-play of the original, which I usually hate, however with this remake it seemed to work perfectly. The only thing this version has a lot more of is blood and gore. It's also a lot brighter than the original and I didn't feel the true sadness from our vampire (Chloe). She almost seemed happy with her existence. It would have been nice if they kept the original title too. Let Me In is as haunting and mysterious as Let The Right One In. But over all it was actually a pretty decent remake. It's definitely an interesting take on vampires and if you're a fan of the original I don't think you'll be too disappointed. RATING: B-

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The best way to describe this movie is simple. If Oceans 11 and Bourne Identity had a baby they would name it Red. The plot is a little weak, but the film makes up for that in style and with an amazing star-studded cast. The story begins when former black-ops agent Frank Moses' life is threatened by a high-tech assassins. Its then he decides to reassembles his old team in a effort to survive. Red is corky, playful, thrilling and above all funny. There's tons of action too, so you're never left feeling bored. Willis and his co-stars have a blast blowing things up, shooting bad guys, tossing out witty ad-libs and interacting with each other. Their fun is yours, so have at it. I would definitely recommend seeing this movie, it's not anything new and/or spectacular, but it sure is fun. RATING: C
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Life as We Know It
Being that I'm not a Katherine Heigl fan, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this film. Luckily the story was captivating enough to masked the fact that she was in it. Sure, the story is a little predicable from the get-go, but this done-to-death love story does a great job reeling you in for the hook. It's funny, sad (a lot more sad than you would think) and entertaining - a breath of fresh air if you will. Our story begins when Holly Berenson (Heigl) is being set up on a date with Eric Messer (Josh Duhamel) by their happily paired best friends, Alison and Peter (played by Christina Hendricks and Hayes MacArthur). Everything goes so wrong that they don't even make it out of the parking lot. Over the years, Holly and Messer turn up at all those milestone events Alison and Peter celebrate — marriage, Sophie's birth, first birthday, then the funeral that also comes with a will and the guardianship wishes for their baby girl. Life as We Know It is both feel-sad and feel-good, which is a tricky balance to have in a romantic comedy and yet one that’s so satisfying when the film hits the right marks. Duhamel does a great job in the film and definitely holds his own next to Heigl - who I really can't stand. This a great date movie and if you're up for something light and fun this is your film. RATING: C+
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