Sunday, October 31, 2010

Must Watch: Monster Movie Mash-Up

Source: Youtube

Yes, it's that time of year again, when all the goblins and ghouls come out to terrorize your neighborhood. This spook-tacular monster movie mash-up (thanks to Youtube) is just a little something I found to set the mood on this Halloween day. This is definitely the best horror movie tribute I've ever seen. I love a good scary/horror flick. From The Ring, Friday the 13th, The Shining, When a Stranger Calls, Vacancy, Night of the Living Dead, to Pyscho, this tribute has it all, and you've gotta love the theme music. Classic! So for all you horror loving movie fans out there, enjoy! As for the rest of you... good luck! Mwahahaha...
What are some of your favorite scary/horror films?


J said...

I must be a boob, because I couldn't even watch those horrible scenes.  It scares me too much.  BUT I did enjoy the music and listened to it twice.

Go shawty! said...

boob is a funny word.

Go shawty! said...

Whoever put this together did a fine job. I enjoyed it.
I love some of the old special effects. That was some sweet action.

The 1st Friday the 13th was one of the scariest movie I have ever watched. I saw it alone when I was 11 so that could be the reason why it affected me so. I remember thinking it was merely a harmless show about kids that went camping, and no big deal until Jason showed up. I am pretty sure that was the 1st horror film I had ever watched.

In any case I have yet to be more scared by any movie to date.

Kristen said...

Go Shawty -
That's so funny, cuz Friday the 13th was MY first horror movie too... only I was 7 when I saw it. Man, that movie freaked me out!!

Melain said...

The song choice took all the 'scary' out of those scenes. :)

I'm not sure what movie scared me most, but I really liked the remake of When A Stranger Calls.

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