Sunday, November 28, 2010

Burlesque Review

I didn't expect to thoroughly enjoy this movie. It's no deep thought-out plot by any means - it's Showgirls meets Moulin Rouge - but it's definitely full of fun and exciting dance numbers that will make you want to hit the clubs afterwords. Right from the start Burlesque was irresistible. Christina Aguilera does a fantastic job holding her own as she steps into her first leading role, especially next to the likes of Cher and Stanley Tucci. She has an ease with dialogue that some people never achieve. Good celebrity crossovers are rare, yet more common than you might think: Singers to Silver Screens & Back.

Ali (Aguilera) is a small-town girl who dreams of the big-city lights. She sets out to accomplish this dream by purchasing a one way ticket to L.A. However, L.A. isn't what she was expecting and after she can’t get work as a professional dancer, she stumbles upon Club Burlesque. It's there she sees an extraordinary show put on by Tess (Cher) and her girls. Completely "wowed" by the stunning glitz and glam, she begs Tess for a job. Apprehensively, Tess agrees to give her a shot and from there the movie really takes full flight.

No one would ever call Burlesque original, but the movie is remarkable for its utter lack of traditional villains. The characters are all hugely appealing. Cam Gigandet, who's usually cast as bullies and bad guys (Twilight, Never Back Down), reveals a surprisingly sweet side (and back side... just saying) as a romantic leading man (his scenes opposite Aguilera are among the film’s best). Kristen Bell does a wonderful job playing Nikki - a self absorbed snob. You can understand her jealousy though, once Ali out-shines her. It's not that she has anything against Ali, she just likes the spotlight all to herself. Sorry Cher fans, for the most part this movie is all Aguilera. Sure, she belts out one solo, but sadly, that's all she wrote. And then there's Tucci, he never disappoints. Everyone gives fantastic performances. The sets and costumes are beautiful, bright and undeniably sexy. The music is fun an energetic. I definitely want the soundtrack! Burlesque is a fantastically fun and light piece of entertainment that will leave you wanting more. RATING: C -
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The Danimal said...

I thought it was a lot of fun too! Loved the costumes!!!

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