Saturday, November 27, 2010

Disney's 50 Animated Movies

Source: YouTube

How many Disney animated motion pictures are there you ask? Well, after Tangled, which just hit theaters this weekend, there are 50. That is an impressive feat! Disney's legendary legacy has given us some of the best animated pictures around. In case you are forgetting what movies Disney has made over the years, never fear, Disney Animation has whipped up a fun "count-up" video for us. It's an amazing walk down memory lane and it certainly inspires me to go watch every single one. Some of my all time favorites include: Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo, Lion King, Meet the Robinsons and Aladdin. Enjoy!

I've heard Tangled is a very cute movie and one worth seeing. Disney sure knows how to make good films. Since there were no titles included in this video, if you want to check out the complete list of all 50 animated motion pictures that Disney has made since 1937, you can right head over to Wikipedia. How many of you have seen every single one of these films?

What are some of your favorites?


J said...

That sure brought back memories.

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