Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First 'Fast Five' Trailer

Source: Facebook

I want to meet the guy who's job it is to come up with these awesomely ridiculous tag-lines like "New Model. Original Parts" and "Next spring, this model is fully loaded." It's really quite entertaining to say the least. Looks like Vinny-boy is back in action again playing the car-stealin' ninja. Universal has debuted the first trailer for Justin Lin's 'Fast Five', the fifth movie in their insanely successful Fast and the Furious franchise of high speed, high octane, high testosterone, highly horrible (yet wildly entertaining) movies. Vin Diesel premiered the trailer on his own Facebook page and it's definitely packed with plenty of TNA, lots of explosions, and more hot wheels than you can imagine. This suped-up engine also stars the likes of; The Rock Dwayne Johnson, pretty-boy Paul Walker, the lovely Jordana Brewster, the sexy Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris (Ah, I love me some Ludacris). These movies are so bad they're almost good. Ridiculous is definitely riding in the fast lane with this one. Oh, and you can bet I'll be seeing this in theaters. Check it!

Dom (Diesel) and his team of top racers find themselves on the wrong side of the law again as they try to switch lanes between a ruthless drug lord who wants them dead and a relentless federal agent (Johnson).

Fast Five is again directed by Justin Lin, who previously did Better Luck Tomorrow, Spotlighting, Annapolis as well as Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and 2009's last sequel Fast & Furious. The screenplay was written by Chris Morgan, of Cellular, Wanted, Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious as well as the upcoming 47 Ronin. Universal is bringing this ridiculously run ride theaters everywhere in 3D (say it aint so!!) on April 29th 2011.



Troy said...

I'm sorry... but that.... looks.... AWESOME!!!!!

Go shawty! said...

Actually this looks so lame i can't even post a comment on it, no.... wait, huh?
Tricked again! >.<

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH IM SO EXCITEDDDD!!!!! :DDDD even if i am a girl.. whollyy wambats! its gonna be hella dankk :)

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