Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Walt Disney!

Try to imagine a world without Walt Disney. A world without his dream, magic and optimism. Walt Disney transformed the entertainment industry into what we know today. He pioneered the fields of animation and found new ways to teach, and educate.
Walt's optimism came from his unique ability to see the entire picture. His views and visions came from the fond memory of yesteryear, and his persistence for the future. Walt loved history and as a result he didn't give technology to us piece by piece, but rather he connected it to his ongoing mission of making life more enjoyable and fun. Walt was our bridge from the past to the future.
During his 43-year Hollywood career, which spanned the development of the motion picture industry as a modern American art, Walter Elias Disney established himself and his innovations as a genuine part of Americana. And because of this he has become a legend - a folk hero of the 20th century.
Today we celebrate his life (1901-1966) and his outstanding accomplishments. Happy birthday, Walt. Thank you for bringing us some of the best entertainment around! Below is a fun tribute with some of my favorite Disney movies. Enjoy!

“Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual
Entertainment which can bring pleasure and information
To people of all ages everywhere in the world.”
-Walt Disney

Be sure to check out Tron Lagacy on the 17th. I already have my ticket for opening night. Needless to say, I'm definitely excited to see it. I really want to like it, however, I do have some doubts.

What are some of your favorite Walt Disney films?


Joan said...

Beautiful song and sweet clips. Thanks

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