Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Oscar Winners, Highlights & Fashion

By now you all know who went home with Oscar and who went home alone. The 83rd Academy Awards aired last Sunday and even though the show dropped in ratings and received bad reviews, I still enjoyed Hollywood's biggest night. The show did lack the spice and zest of past years though - I expected more from our two host, Anne Hathaway and James Franco. I wanted more side show acts, more comical camaraderie, more "kick." But even if that was all there, the show in itself was pretty predictable anyway. We all knew who was going to win months before the actual night. There weren't any surprises in that regard, leaving the night a little "empty" if you will. But not to end on a sour note... there were definitely some great moments. Below are some of my favorites of the night, and even though director David Fincher didn't take home the golden statue, I was pleased with the list of winners just the same.

Franco and Hathaway kicked off the show by making their way through several Best Picture nominees like Inception with special guests like Alec Baldwin, one of last year's hosts:

I was rooting for The Social Network to win, but truth be told, I really love both The King's Speech and The Social Network, almost equally. However, I knew TKS would win the moment I saw it. It definitely fit the Best Picture mold and plays right to the Academy. It's a fantastic film, and very deserving of the win, both of them were. I would've been happy with either of them winning. For a full list of winners click here.

When the big award for Best Picture came around, this amazing montage with Oscar winning film The King's Speech providing the voice-over proved to be an beautiful highlight reel for the ten nominated films:

Best Director: Tom Hooper - The Kings Speech

Bale has played a gruff, gravelly voiced Batman, a grizzled boxer in his Oscar-winning performance - The Fighter, and a ton of other tough-guy roles, so when he choked up when it came to thanking his wife, it was quite touching.

Best Actor: Colin Firth,
Best Actress: Natalie Portman,
Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale,
Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo

This was definitely Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross' year. They have exceptional talent when it comes to music and this year the Academy made the right choice by honoring them. And even though there was a slew of excellent scores, (I would have been happy to see any of them win), deep down I was rooting for these guys to win. Below is one of my favorite clips from the Oscar Winning Score. Enjoy!

Hathaway sang her number in a very nicely tailored tuxedo, so Franco decided to continue the gender bending by coming out in a rather ill-fitting pink dress.

Add some clever technological maneuvers, and presto – a serious confrontation between Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 becomes a hilarious musical created with Auto-Tuned voices. Edward, Bella and a shirtless Jacob also got the same treatment during a scene from Twilight: Eclipse, jokingly titled "He Doesn't Own a Shirt." Funny Stuff!

On to Fashion...
One of the best parts of Oscar Night are the dresses and jewelery, what's hot and what's not. The fashion on this night is almost just as important and fun as the movies themselves. Here are my picks for Best and Worst Dressed.


This was definitely my favorite of the evening.

Runner Up's...


Nicole never ceases to amaze me with her horrible red carpet fashion.

Runner Up's...

I've had better!

There you have it, my take on the Oscars this year. When you look at the show like this, highlights only, it looks like a fun show, and even though I didn't mind it, I hope they spice it up a lot more next year. But alas, I am excited to see what Hollywood has in store for us this year. All good things I hope. See ya at the movies!

What did you think of the Oscars?


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