Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chilling Insidious Trailer

Source: YouTube

"It's not the house that's haunted..."

I love a good scary movie, but holy mother of freakiness! A couple weeks back FilmDistrict debuted a full-length trailer for James Wan's scary new horror-thriller Insidious, which looks absolutely horrifying. Apparently this movie is a number of things thrown together: part haunted house flick, part demon possession thriller, part Poltergeist, with throwbacks to Sam Raimi. Finally we get a horror flick that not only looks horrifying but might actually be horrifying. I have a good feeling this trailer will follow threw on just that. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne star as parents of a few kids, one of which gets trapped in a coma, but it might be more than that. If you're down with scary, I highly suggest watching this trailer, it will creep you out!

A family tries prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose son in a realm called The Further forever.

Insidious is directed by acclaimed horror filmmaker
James Wan, who previously directed the original (and only descent one) Saw film from 2004, and followed that up with Dead Silence and Death Sentence. The screenplay was written by Wan's filmmaking friend Leigh Whannell, who wrote the original Saw (and also starred in it) and also wrote Dead Silence. I'm not the biggest fan of those movies, but their latest project, Insidious, looks super scary-good. It first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year and was picked up by FilmDistrict for distribution. This film hits theaters everywhere April 1, 2011. Only a week to go.

Are you down?


Anonymous said...

That is the best trailor I’ve seen yet. FREAKY!

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