Monday, March 7, 2011

Take Me Home Tonight Review

Take Me Home Tonight has every single element you'd expect there to be from an 80's rom-com. It even looks as though the movie was filmed in the 80's, which in my opinion, is hard to pull off. The story is simple enough - Matt (Topher Grace) is a nerdy recent MIT grad, and is unsure of his next life step, and so he takes a job at the local video store to pass the time. One summer night he reunites with his high school crush, Tori (Teresa Palmer), who invites him to a party. He essentially has one night to get her number and hopefully more. Cue the party, the killer, rockin' 80's soundtrack, the bad hair and shoulder pads, and you have a film with all the fixings of a 80's teen comedy.

Of course we've seen this exact movie a dozen times before - it's reminiscent of Can't Hardly Wait set in the 80's. And even though it lacks the whit and charm of a great comedy, not to mention it's completely unoriginal, I still found myself laughing at parts, mainly at Matt's predicament and the horrible 80's fashion. But if anything the soundtrack is DOPE!

With that being said, this romantic comedy manages to pull though just enough, thanks to the lovely presence of Topher Grace (who also wrote and produced the film). Can't say much for his over-the-top, coked-out sidekick, Barry (
Dan Fogler), he was pretty annoying. But all in all the movie is light, unoriginal and at times fun and even funny. It definitely met my expectations.

What did you think?


Groverfam said...

you know me i love 80's but I probably won't waste my time on this one. Great review-

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