Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fast Five Reveiw

It's hard to believe Fast Five made over $86m opening weekend, even more so that this series has lasted this long. If someone told me in 2001 this series would surpass a decade, I would have laughed in their face. Well, here we are… ten years later. What does that tell ya?

The fifth installment in the franchise brings together cast members from the first four movies, (which I thought was cool), and is headed by muscle man Vin Diesel, the car-crazed thief and pretty-boy Paul Walker, the lawman turned outlaw. As if there wasn’t enough testosterone in this high-octane, souped-up engine already; director, Justin Lin, (Fast & Furious, #4 and Tokyo Drift, #3) decided to throw in Dwayne Johnson for good measure.

It breaks down like this; Fast Five supposedly takes place before the third movie, but after the fourth. If that sounds like it’ll be a tricky movie to follow, don’t worry - it’s not. Why they decided to make it more confusing than needs be is beyond me. I don’t pretend to understand these movies, “bro,” but I have to admit they are one spectacle of fun and jazzy proportions, not to mention a huge Guilty Pleasure of mine. It's fantastically, awful movie-crack.

This time around we venture Rio de Janeiro, where the car chases and the action scenes increase considerably. Dwayne Johnson plays one
badass, over the top U.S. agent who’s hot on Diesel's trail, and before you know it the whole thing progresses to one of the silliest heists ever.
The film is definitely ridiculous, but somehow it works, just as long as you don’t dwell on such things like… If these guys are so broke, how can they afford all this expensive equipment to set up the heist? Why is Johnson glistening like he’s been greased up for a wrestling match? How did two cop cars rip out an entire bank safe with no explosives? There are so many plot holes to drive a semi through (which these characters could and would do without hesitation), but fortunately the action is well choreographed and intense enough to take your mind off such things.

I absolutely loved this movie! It’s definitely the best in the series, which isn't saying a whole lot. It’s big, loud, stupid... and embarrassingly fun. If you do see this movie, I’m sure you already know to wait until the end of the credits. There’s a little F&F morsel for y’all. Can’t wait for the Fast Six

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