Monday, April 25, 2011

Scre4m Review

I expected Scre4m to be an entertaining, semi-sleazy homage to the three previous Scream films, as well as a self-aware, fun, gory romp à la Wes Craven. On Saturday, I finally watched this movie with my friends Jacob and Kristen, and I’m happy to report that this movie was exactly what I expected. (Although, I didn’t expect Mary McDonnell’s face to be as scary as Ghostface, but what are you gonna do?)

Roger Ebert raised this thought in his two-star review of Scre4m, “The characters are almost preternatural in their detachment; if you were embedded in events like these, wouldn’t you be paralyzed with panic?” and this is a question anyone who watches the film will likely ask while exiting the theater. Kristen, Jacob and I did, asking a series of “why” questions while we drove home. Like: “Why is everyone acting so normal when people are getting murdered by a madman? Why do they always answer their phones? Why would you go grocery shopping at 10 PM? Why would you sneak out of the house to go to a stupid party? Why are Courteney Cox’s lips so much bigger than they used to be?”

The reason I like to watch movies like Scre4m is that the characters don’t always act rationally. The Scream series, in particular, is cynical, scary, funny and chock-full of people with unreasonable, even delusional behavior. I’m constantly calculating what I would do in every situation and judging the poor decisions of each careless victim. These movies are entertaining because they turn a movie-going experience into a sort of survival game for the willing viewer, and that can be really satisfying.

What makes the Scream series stand out from other slasher movies is its cast. Neve Campbell (hasn’t aged a bit), Courteney Cox (weathered but sexy), and David Arquette (dorky cute) are easily the best part of the Scream series, and they effortlessly make this latest installation extremely enjoyable. It’s clear that the entire franchise would severely suffer without them.

Check it out!

Written by Jason Campbell


jfun said...

Aw, thanks! I can't wait for Scream5!

Kristen said...

It was a great review! You're a good writer. And yes, Scream 5 will be off the hook, yo. lol

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