Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saoirse Ronan Cast in Stephanie Meyer's The Host

Source: Deadline

Well this comes as a surprise. I'm still on the fence when it comes to Saoirse Ronan. I seriously don't know how to feel about her. She's very odd to me. And it has to be said I was little taken back by their choice in casting her as the lead in Stephanie Meyer's novel, The Host. I don't hate their pick, and I'm sure she'll be fine, but if I had my way I'd definitely cast Camilla Belle, along with a few others, take a look.

It's been a while since we heard any news regarding this adaption. It was back in September of 2009 that we learned director Andrew Niccol would take the reigns. However, since then we haven't heard much about anything, and while Niccol (Gattaca and Lord of War) was said to be writing the script as well, his involvement as director has apparently been uncertain. Well, Deadline says he may still sit in the director's chair for the project after all. Now that we have our heroine, I'll be interested in seeing who else they cast. Just know it won't be nearly as bangin' as my cast.

The Plot:
These parasites invade human bodies, fuse to each person's consciousness and systematically erase their personalities. Melanie finds herself captured by the Souls and implanted by one called Wanderer, one of the more infamous of the species because she has attached herself to so many "hosts" before. Wanderer intends to use Melanie to give up the location of the remaining humans, but Melanie is relentless in her resistance to Wanderer and refuses to surrender her consciousness. In this struggle the alien apparently becomes overwhelmed by Melanie's memories and emotions and ends up reconnecting with the girl's old life and falling in love with it.

This will definitely be harder to translate on screen. I just hope they do a good job bringing this thriller to life. This could be one adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's writing that could turn out all right. We shall see.

What do you think?


Groverfam said...

I'm intrigued. It'll be interesting as to how the story will be depicted on screen.

Juls said...

What the?! I cannot see her playing
Melanie... Odd choice, for sure! Hopefully her acting is what got her the part... although I seem to remember saying the same thing about Kristin Stewart and look how that turned out. Blech!

Cindee said...

I'm kindof excited, mostly because I liked the book and didn't know it was getting adapted. course havent' watched anything she has been in and i imagine the main character as older than she looks...

Anonymous said...

i did not imagine Melanie as her, someone more athletic built? with shorter hair...

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