Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bad Teacher Review

While it’s no Hangover, Bad Teacher definitely contains some wicked belly laughs. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. It was sort of a 50/50 gamble going in. I’m not the biggest Cameron Diaz fan, but I really liked her in this role - the a-hole, superficial, man-hungry, selfish, bad teacher.

Diaz certainly owns this movie and does a good job delivering laughs, all right, but she is no miracle worker, so she can’t erase the movie’s slow spots or make it feel shorter than its 92-minute running time (it feels much, much longer, which is never a good sign for any movie). Bad Teacher lacks the flow and consistency of other irreverent comedies, leaving a sour taste in your mouth in the end. While it’s hilarious in plenty of spots, it unfortunately tends to waste time focusing on lame and boring jokes that are extremely exaggerated. Plus there are a lot of funny scenes in the trailer that aren’t in the film. That really annoys the heck out of me when they do that. BOO!

Bad Teacher is crude, irreverent and will definitely provoke more regular laughs than you might think. It isn’t the best comedy by any stretch, but there are worst ways to spend your time. While I’m glad I saw it, I wouldn’t recommend spending your hard earned cash to see it in theaters. It’s a great rental.RATING: C+

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