Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mirror Mirror Trailer (A Snow White Film)

Source: Yahoo

"I definitely have a happily ever after thing going on!"
Um, not really. Relativity has just released their first trailer for Tarsem Singh's Mirror, Mirror. It's a "sickeningly kiddie" take on Snow White, and you need to see it just to see what I mean. In this rendition, Lily Collins stars as the fair Snow White, Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen (really?), and Armie Hammer as the Prince. This comical take on the fairytale looks the exact opposite of The Huntsman. It's bright and cheery with over-the-top costumes and set designs. It's an animated story come to life, complete with Nathan Lane and seven silly little dwarfs. It could be cute... for the kiddies, but overall I say "just pass." Anyway, have a look-see.
Mirror Mirror is directed by visionary Indian filmmaker Tarsem Singh, of The Cell, The Fall and Immortals previously, which just opened. I'm definitely a fan of his work, but I'm not sure about this one. The screenplay was written by Jacob Grimm & Wilhelm Grimm (Machine Gun Preacher) based on the original story by the Brothers Grimm. This movie hits theaters on March 16, 2012. Well before Snow White And The Huntsman arrives in June. So the question is, which Snow White will be the fairest of them all at the box office?...

Thoughts on this?


Troy said...

man... how many versions of Snow White do we need?
It's not even THAT great of a story to begin with!
None of them are the fairest!
why didn't they get hot chicks for this movie?

Lili said...

Looks good for me.... it made me smile just watching it

jfun said...

This seriously looks so bad to me. And surprisingly Julia Roberts is the worst part! Blegh.

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