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Top 10 Best & Worst Movies of 2011

If I could sum up last year, 2011 was definitely the year of obscure/artsy films. In case you need a little refresher course, check out Genrocks video recap here.

Every year I have a difficult time narrowing down my "best of the best" list - there's always an abundance.
This time proved more daunting than usual due to the lack of great movies to choose from. There were a few I'm sad I missed though - My Week with Marilyn, Ides of March, Beginners and We Bought a Zoo. However, compiling my "Worst of the Worst" list wasn't difficult at all. There's always tons of those (can't believe how many awful movies I saw). Without further ado, I present my Top Ten Best & Worst Movies of 2011.

Worst of the Worst

Dishonorable Mentions:
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Horrible Bosses
The Change-Up

10. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
Even though I enjoyed this movie (hey, I'm a fan of the books), I still thought it was hokey storytelling, cheesy and (as always) it had the signature brand of stiff and awful acting.

9. Red Riding Hood
“Oh, Grandma, what a big, bad movie this one is.” If you thought the Twilight movies were bad, this gothic, teenaged-melodrama love triangle is worse.

8. Captain America: The First Avenger
Blah. Blah. Blah. Here’s a movie that could have been First-Class, instead it was BORE-Class. Feels like it was made in a rush ONLY so they can make The Avengers.

The Mechanic
If you are about to go over a ledge of a roaring waterfall and someone tosses you a line and shouts, "I'll tow you to shore, but then we have to watch The Mechanic," take the plunge. And I don't want to hear about how you can't swim either.

One of the most idiotic and cliche-ridden movies ever. It’s The Bourne Identity for underage simpletons. Cheesy mixed in with a lot of bad acting.

5. Just Go with It
Yeah, Just Don’t. The movie seemed to exist solely so Sandler and his friends could go on a free trip to Hawaii at our expense. Not only will you feel frustrated by watching this mistake of a movie, but it just lacks funny.

The Green Hornet
It bored many people to tears with its attempt at a tongue-in-cheek blockbuster. HUGE epic fail. If you’re longing for a super hero movie, save your time and your money and watch The Dark Knight instead.

Shark Night 3D
It tried to capture the magic of last year’s Piranha. Only this one was horrible with NO redeeming qualities. Don't eat the American teens! Actually, who cares. Watch Jaws instead.

If you are ever sucked up into an alien spacecraft, and the extraterrestrials offer you a choice between getting probed with their instruments or watching Prom then fine, OK, option B, but still...

And the #1 WORST movie of 2011 goes to...

This is an awful and completely ridiculous modern take on Beauty and the Beast. This movie had some of the worst clumsy dialogue ever, the whole concept was even clumsier. It tries to cram magic and social media into the same half-baked world, and it never even approaches convincing. (rolls eyes)

Best of the Best

Honorable Mentions:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Super 8

10. Soul Surfer
This little one arm surfer girl made me cry. I know this pick may be a little cheesy and out of left field, but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It’s inspirational, touching and makes you feel good about life in general and reminds you that anything's possible.

9. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
What looked to be the most unnecessary film of last summer turned out to be a surprising hit, thanks in part to the remarkable performance of Andy Serkis as Caesar and cool old-school storytelling.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Who knew the fourth installment of the series would be the best one yet. This is one terrific thriller that holds some of the best action sequences around. It’s kind of like action poetry.

7. Moneyball
The film makes a great deal of sense. It's a great film about American business. This is a pretty sympathetic view of what it takes to run a large business organization. Intriguing storytelling mixed with great acting!

Midnight in Paris

This Romantic comedy is a fabulous day-dream. Not only is it funny and charming, but it’s surprising touching, and profound. Even if you’re not a fan of Woody Allen you’ll fall in love with this film for sure.

5. The Help
It's funny, touching and incredibly humane – so don't be ashamed to turn on the waterworks if you feel like it. And don't be surprised if Viola Davis walks away with a golden statuette for her performance.


Director Paul Feig + hilarious Kristen Wigg headlining an amazing cast of ladies = last year’s BEST comedy and one of the best comedies in a long time.

3. Hugo
The most charming 3D adventure of last year belongs to a young boy named Hugo. This is the first real children's film by Martin Scorsese, and one of his finest films yet. If you love movies and the history of film, I guarantee you’ll fall in love.

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
It's a film that did the seemingly impossible. The eighth film of the series ends up being the best of the series and a truly great film in every respect. It definitely ended with a bang. I’m just sad it’s finally over.

And the #1 BEST movie of the year goes to...

1. Drive
From its gripping getaway opening scene to its ambiguous dramatic ending, Drive packs a powerful punch. Yes, it’s definitely gory and violent (in parts), but it has some of the best acting, directing, and editing that you’ll be completely mesmerized from beginning to end. This film is definitely a work of art and Ryan Gosling is truly magnificent!

There you have it, folks. The floor is now yours... What movies made your best and worst list of 2011?


jfun said...

Great list, Kristen! I still really want to see Hugo.

I can't believe you saw Prom and Beastly. haha. BARF!!

Dave said...

I liked some of the movies on your worst list. I thought Red Riding Hood was okay, and Just Go with It was much better than I figured it would be.

imri said...

i have to agree. drive was the best!

Go shawty! said...

Mission impossible was done very well, the whole family liked it!

Juls said...

Crazy, Stupid, Love is easily in my top 3 for 2011... Along with MI4 and Bridesmaids, of course. I will definitely own all three movies before long :)

Anonymous said...

tree of life????? i'm crying right now...


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