Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Year in Review: Filmography 2011

Source: YouTube

I'm a huge fan of these movie montages, especially ones edited by
Genrocks. I featured his work last year (to view click here). And even though I was a little more impressed with his work in 2010, this montage is still a stunning and well crafted piece of work with great highlights from films like Limitless, Moneyball, The Rum Diary, Bridesmaids, and many more. Have a look see!

Genrocks put together a collection of films that were either produced or distributed in 2011 for what he calls, "A 230-film retrospective that celebrates this year's movies and their amazing capacity to transport us through the boundaries of space, time, and identity." It's really quite an all-encompassing look at the past year on the big screen. See the entire list of films and music used in the video right here.

What were some of your favorite films of 2011... so far?


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