Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hollywood Says “I Love You”

Source: Overthinking It

Hollywood definitely knows how to share the love when it comes to their films. On this Valentine's Day whether you're in love, feeling lonely, happy/content to be alone or feeling a bit sappy, this is a lovely movie mash-up filled with some of the most romantic movie scenes ever recorded. If you're having a rough day, this just might take the edge off and make you feel a little bit better (or worse depending on your mode). In any case, take a look.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Belinkie started with 285 clips and cut it down to this. He says, "These people are not just expressing love, they are putting themselves at risk. And it’s that combination of what they say and what it took to say it that lifts us up where we belong." How charming!

What are some of your favorite love stories?


Anonymous said...

So cute, even tho I didn't recognize all the movies. . . .

jfunfun said...

This is so cute!!

I love the Love Actually clips. I have to say the David Lanz/Yanni music in the background is making me laugh really hard. So is the Giovanni Ribisi clip from "The Other Sister."

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