Sunday, March 18, 2012

John Carter Review

95 years is a long time for a book to be made into a movie. The film is largely based on 'A Princess of Mars', the first in a series of 11 novels written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. John Carter is the new Disney adventure about an interplanetary Civil War veteran who travels to Mars, becomes a slave, only to escape to become the reluctant hero who falls in love.

Pixar director Andrew Stanton (of Finding Nemo and WALL-E) makes his impressive live-action debut, integrating the movie’s real actors with computer-generated characters using suburb special-effects and imagery.

I was shocked by other reviews and disappointed with the lack of enthusiast here in the US. Overseas is a different story, however, already ranking in over $126M. John Carter is an enjoyable, if only a little cheesy and predicable Sci-fi fantasy extravaganza. It holds the spirit and energy of Flash Gordon including its own outrageously fun premise - although not nearly as corny. There's definitely nothing original about this movie. It's Flash Gordan, Stargate, Star Wars and Avatar wrapped into one exciting joy-ride. However, this book came first and inspired both Lucas and Cameron.

One of the many things I enjoyed about this movie is the nice little morsels of humor. There's this sort of Martian-like dog (looks a lot like a big frog), that runs around at high speeds and comes to the rescue just in the nick of time. It was a nice touch mixed with all the exciting adventures.

I will say the story is a little convoluted only because several new cultures and competing political groups are introduced in a short amount of time. I didn't have trouble following the story, but apparently it's been an issues. The visual effects were stunning and quite convincing. The acting, by Taylor Kitsch (John Carter) and Lynn Collins (Princess Dejah Thoris) among others are quite effective too. I felt the writers did an excellent job tying up the movie in the end, keeping it interesting and full of intrigue. They definitely left it open for a sequel, one I hope comes to fruition.

What were your thoughts?


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