Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slim Chances for John Carter Sequel

Source: Firstshowing

When stupid, idiotic movies like Twilight are pumped out to the masses, it's a sad shame movies like John Carter don't get enough credit. I'm sad to report we won't be going back to Barsoom anytime soon. I wanted to express my feelings regarding this news, but our friends over at Firstshowing say it perfectly. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Despite some strong praise and a hopeful fanbase, Disney just couldn't figure out how to properly market John Carter (of Mars) to get theaters seats filled. Being up against Universal and Illumination Entertainment's family film The Lorax didn't help matters any as the film kicked Carter's ass two weekends in a row. Now the chances of a sequel to a film that crafted a promising world and delivered some truly thrilling action and exciting adventure are slim as Disney has revealed they're likely losing about $200 million because of the film's poor performance.

Not only is this sad news for those of us that really enjoyed the epic space adventure, but it's even worse for those who didn't give the film a chance. They truly don't know what they're missing. While some have criticized the film for having elements of Star Wars, Avatar and plenty other sci-fi films, the fact is the story on which the film is based on inspired those stories. The film taking cues from the films that took notes from Edgar Rice Burroughs' sci-fi classic is just going full circle. And it's not as if there weren't plenty of original characters and creatures in the film to keep audiences interested.

Lynn Collins' is easily as much of a poster girl for teenage boys as Carrie Fisher became decades ago, especially after that metal bikini is Return of the Jedi. The alien races are interesting and there's a slew of civilizations that make for a rich universe. Carter himself is a selfless hero, the kind that you love to see develop and come into their own, especially over multiple films.
In closing, John Carter is simply a product of poor marketing. I know it wasn't as innovative and cool as the special effects in Avatar, but I could seriously see this film going places. I bet it will reach cult status 20 years down the road, bringing on a late and overdue sequel, just like they did with Tron. I was just hoping for one sooner. It truly is a fun exhilarating sci-fi adventure worth seeing.



Kris Clegg said...

I can't put my finger on exactly why I didn't want to see this movie (I was even given the opportunity to see it for free and still didn't go), cause I love the genre, but I will try.

I think it was the association with the Disney name. I don't really have a ton of confidence in Disney's ability to create anything even close to the level of Star Wars or Avatar. Prince of Persia was horrible and Pirates 1, a true success story, was a different genre in my eyes. Tron Legacy was OK, but felt lacking and the the other Pirates were weak. Disney just doesn't have Space Sci-Fi chops in my eyes and I didn't really want to see a Sci-Fi movie that tried to be like Avatar and Star Wars, but turned out to be at the level of Race to Witch mountain (which don't get me wrong, I kinda liked, but would never have gone to see it in the theater).

I hate how they marketed it as "Before there was Star Wars and Before there was Avatar, there was John Carter". That makes 0 sense to me since I have no context what that means in terms of the stories. And to be honest most people could care less about the source material's origination date.

I also hate that they called it "John Carter" it just felt too "Disney" I just couldn't take it seriously. It looked like a kiddie version of star wars with weird creatures mixed with Prince of Persia which was horrible. Plus there was just TOO much female eye-candy in the name/previews for me to take it seriously as a Sci-Fi Epic.

I will probably see it some day, but chalk this one up to a horrible marketing/branding strategy and Disney's mostly tarnished reputation for doing these kinds of movies anywhere close to the level of James Cameron and George Lucus.

David said...

I think whomever was in charge of the marketing of this film needs to be fired. I could not tell from the trailer what kind of movie it was vs the movie I actually saw. I went to see this with 8 guys from church, none of whom had any idea what the movie was about. That’s not a good sign.

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