Saturday, December 22, 2012

Top 10 BEST Trailers of 2012

Movie trailers have become bigger and grander in scale over the last few years. Opting out of the cheesy and generic, baritone voice-over, electing instead, to stream them to coolly-cut, cleverly fitting music. A trailer alone, these days, can even hold their very own soundtrack - how ya like that? It comes down to this: If you want your movie noticed, its paramount you have an eye-catching trailer. And this past year we've seen some pretty spectacular, chilling and exciting ones - some of which are even better than the movies themselves. In no particular order, I give to you the Top 10 Best Trailers of 2012.

Holly balls, Batman! This trailer is definitely one incredible thrill ride filled with slow-building haunting music.  And this time around we get even more action and even more bat-toys. An epic conclusion to an epic trilogy.

Terrence Malick sure has a way with his films. There's something whimsical and enchanting, yet haunting and heartfelt at the same time. The music, though, is what captivates me the most. It holds a sense of hope and inspiration if you will.  
Release Date: 4/12/13

One of the most beautifully crafted trailers of the year. Anne Hathaway singing I Dreamed a Dream inevitably invokes strong emotion. How can you not get goosebumps when watching this?
Release Date: 12/25/12

Sure this trailer is confusing (like 5 movies in 1) and incredibly long, but the very idea of it - past, present and future - simply shines with flying colors. There's something innocent and sweet about it, intriguing even.  Plus the score, here, is just like heaven.

The music alone is enough to captivate you. It's edgy, exciting and full of glitz & glam. Definitely eye-popping. Looks like Baz Luhrmann does it again - simply magnificent. 
Release Date: 5/10/13

It's rich, dark, rippled with deep emotion, and packs one hefty punch. The music is also incredibly powerful and haunting. I'm seriously looking forward to seeing this movie the most come next year.
Release Date: 6/14/13

It's eery and dark. It's beautifully crafted, backed by some menacing music. Too bad they ruined it by casting Kristen (can't act) Stewart as Snow White. All that aside, though, this trailer kicks some serious royal boo-tay.

This highly anticipated sequel hit the ground running. Dig the music and the editing. Love the color, feel and vibe of the entire trailer. That is why this heart-pounding trailer makes the cut. It. looks. epic. 
Release Date: 5/17/13

This is incredibly dark even for Iron Man, which is part of its cool factor. Lots of great one liners, filled with explosions, action, fear and doubt. It definitely has my attention. Loved the choice of music mingled within as well.  
Release Date: 5/3/13

Honorable Mentions:
Gangster Squad
Seven Psychopaths
Oz: The Great and Powerful

Share with me some of your favorite trailers of 2012


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