Friday, February 22, 2013

Kids Reenact the Best Picture Nominees of 2013

Source: BuzzFeed

  "Look at my dress, I'm crazy."
This has to be the most adorable thing I've seen in honor of the Oscars. If you haven't seen any of the Best Picture nominee's, or you need to catch up on a few, look no further. This highly entertaining video of kids reenacting some of the best pic. noms. is spot on. Jared Neumark of Landline TV, partnered with Official Comedy to produce these quick segments. It's definitely family friendly too, so no worries there.  Take a look and enjoy.
Newmark says, "They did a little bit of ad-lib in the Argo one. The line is 'Did people really dress like this in the 70s?, and they were just answering how they wanted to." My favorite segment here is definitely Lincoln & Django.  Too funny. Which one do you like the best?


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