Monday, April 1, 2013

The Host Review

First and foremost, I loved The Host... as a book. It was captivating, thrilling, and above all romantic. As a movie... not so much.   The real key to a great Book to Film Adaptation lies in the film's success at concentrating and magnifying the true feelings that readers have when they read the book. It’s having the ability to transmit central messages of the book in meaningful ways, as well as dealing with the time constrained world of cinema. While I felt they followed the book really well, I also felt it was lacking in so many ways. 

Director takes the reigns here, adapting the story that goes a little like this: Aliens (called souls) seize control of human bodies. They are peaceful, respectful and extremely polite. An excellent addition to the neighborhood, except for the whole body-snatching business. When souls are placed into human bodies that said person's mind withers away, but not in the case of our heroin, Melanie Stryder (), who refuses to give Wanda (the soul), full mind-power. Soon after possession, Wanda, through Melanie's memories, develops a fondness for her friends and family, and against her will sets out to find Melanie's posse.  All of whom are hidden away in a mountain deep in the desert. 

Melanie's uncle Jeb (William Hurt) and his followers (including Melanie's one true love, Jared (Max Irons) slowly but surly accept Wanda as a friend and family member. Later on Wanda entertains the advances of another young man, Ian  (Jake Abel), who apparently finds alien-possessed girls hot. 

Watching Ronan having arguments with her inner voice was just trash cinema. I could not get over how awful those scenes were. The movie felt shallow and boring. The pacing was poor, the structure was awkward, and even though Ronan is a good actress, I would have liked to have seen Camilla Belle in the lead instead.  All in all, I felt like a Sophomore did a Senior job. 


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