Sunday, May 5, 2013

10 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Henry Cavill

Fans most likely know Henry for his upcoming role as Clark Kent/Superman in the highly Anticipated Superman reboot, but prior to that this sexy Brit was more known as the studly Charles Brandon in Showtime's  The Tudors (great show, btw).

I have been following this fine actor ever since he landed the role as Albert in The Count of Monte Cristo, and knew it was only a matter of time before he became a household name - with those devastatingly good looks, charm and talent, it's easy to see why. Besides his growing resume - which will only get bigger as the years ensue - little is known about the UK native. I've come up with 10 Fun Facts about the talented actor that you may not know. The gem that is Henry Cavill just got a whole lot brighter. 

1. In addition to it being Cinco De Mayo, it is also this Sexy Brit's 30th birthday. Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill was born on May 5th 1983, on the Bailiwick of Jersey, a British Crown Dependency in the Channel Islands, just off the coast of Normandy, France.  And he is the second youngest of five brothers.

2. Henry went through grueling cardio-intense workouts every day starting at 4 a.m to get ripped in order to play the Greek warrior Theseus in  Immortals. He sculpted his 8 pack physique down to 6% body fat and followed a strict diet.

3. His interest in acting started at an early age with school play renditions of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and Sonny in "Grease". He also starred and directed Hamlet in "40 Minutes."  His dream role is to one day play Alexander the Great.  

4. Before getting the Superman gig, Henry was dubbed as the "Most Unluckiest Man in Hollywood," and for good reason! He was almost the new James Bond, but he lost the role to fellow Brit, . And interestingly enough, he was up for the Superman role in Superman Returns, but again lost out to Brandon Routh instead. All good things come to those who wait, right. 

5. Henry has knack for languages. He's fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian. That's one "strong" tongue. Smart and good looking! 

6. If he wasn't an actor, Henry would've enlisted in the British military to fulfill his "patriotic pride." 

7. Ironically, the 6'1" actor was nicknamed "Fat Cavill" as a youngster, but eventually became a skilled rugby player before an injury sidelined his athletic career for good. 

8. Robert Pattinson wasn't writer 's first choice for Edward Cullen (who was, right?). It was Henry! While the flick was in development, Meyer stated: "The only actor I've ever seen who I think could come close to pulling off Edward Cullen is Henry Cavill." But by the time the movie was in production he was considered too old to play the sexy, 17-year old vampire. He was definitely who I envisioned while reading the books as well.

9. His favorite actor is , who in turn will play Jor-El, aka his birth father in Man of Steel.

10. He actually had to fight for the role of Superman: It's no secret that the part of Superman in Snyder's reboot was one of the most sought-after roles around. Jon Hamm, True Blood's , The Lone Ranger's , and Matthew Goode were all interested in the part. I’m certainly pleased it went to Henry in the end. 

Henry definitely has what it takes to make it big in Hollywood.  And after this Summer I have no doubt he will become a household name. I definitely look forward to seeing what's in store for this beautiful Brit. I am also excited for Man of Steel - out June 14th.  Who isn't, right. The movie looks stellar! And should everything go according to plan (if the movie is a huge success), playing this iconic hero will be the groundbreaking role that sets him up for the greatness he deserves.   

Happy 30th, Henry!


Anonymous said...

Ah, such beautiful pictures of a beautiful man!

Unknown said...

Thank you for that! I've only known of him since Charles Brandon, but trust me, it's been long enough! When I saw Man of Steel, he actually made me feel physically nauseous because he was so unbelievably perfect. I actually had to close my eyes at some points and just breathe my way through it to calm down, lol! Perfection like him, there has never been. The closest for me was Jude Law in his heyday, but not quite Mr.Cavill's equal. I can't wait to see much, MUCH more of him in the future!!

Anonymous said...

Puuuuuuirfection!!! Thankyou God !! Henry I Love You!! Please come to me in my dreams again tonight, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ooh lala!! Your number 1 fan down under xox

Anonymous said...

You make a big mistake. You are not the number 1 fan of him.
I AM THE NUMBER 1 FAN OF HENRY. He is really hot. Very sexy man.

Heidi said...

Hi number 1fan is nit you two ladies but his mother!!!!

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