Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Iron Man 3 Review

In  Iron Man 3 we see a serious crisis for Tony Stark (). After almost dying in space at the end of The Avengers, he develops panic attacks and slowly comes to terms with the dangers of his job and how it can impact those closest to him. When a new terrorist known as The Mandarin () strikes in L.A. and puts Stark’s close friend Happy Hogan () in a coma, and kidnaps his girlfriend, Pepper Potts (), Stark sets out for revenge.

First and foremost, Tony Stark kind of annoys me. He's pompous, extremely arrogant, rude an highly obnoxious, so spending 2 hours plus with the playboy billionaire can wear on me a bit. But all that aside, I still enjoyed this full-of-fluff, action-packed, popcorn Blockbuster. Sure, the movie was a bit cheesy and holds very little depth (even for a super-hero movie), but if you check your brain at the door and take it for what it is, you'll have a good time. 

I do question why they took huge liberties regarding The Mandarin. In the comic books, the Mandarin is portrayed as a genius scientist and a super-humanly skilled martial artist. However, his primary source of power stems from ten power rings that he adapted from  alien technology after one of their spaceships crashed on Earth. Each ring has a different power and is worn on a specific finger. Without giving too much away, I'll just say that's not at all how he was portrayed in the film. It irritates me when they don't stick with the source martial, especially when the source material is awesome. Alas, one of this film's unexpected pleasures was Ben Kingsley. I had a blast watching Kingsley steal the show.  

The movie relies on the talent of Robert Downey, Jr. and its excellent supporting cast to light the screen. And while it's not a huge success as it is visually stunning, Iron Man 3 is still fun, engaging and worthy of the trilogy. It's just a shame that what appeared to be the conclusion in the Iron Man series ended with a "meh," instead of a "wow, that was awesome!" like it should have.

                                               What did think?


Dave said...

I liked it. It was entertaining and enjoyable. That’s all you can ask for in a summer blockbuster. I never once looked at the time. We saw it in a VIP theater, so there were no kids present (always nice)

There were some twists with Ben Kingsley playing some bad guy (who turned out to be just an actor – didn’t see that coming)

Dan O. said...

Good review Kristen. It’s a lot of fun to watch if you just want a fun summer blockbuster and still need some Marvel flavor.

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