Friday, May 17, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Review

I wouldn’t call myself a Trekkie, and while I absolutely respect the Star Trek universe, I would simply classify myself a minor fan. That was until I saw  Star Trek Into Darkness. WOW!!! This movie is beyond the greatness it so effortlessly tries to be. There is no doubt Star Trek fans and non-fans alike will find sequel a glorious return to the Enterprise. This auctioned-packed Blockbuster is a sexy, funny, thrilling Rock N Roll version of the 1960’s television series that returns to its original roots adding style, humor and one killer villain who puts the rest of the world's villains to shame. This movie definitely tops its predecessor and boldly goes where… we have of course gone before, but who cares. 

Don't understand the references to Harry Mudd and Tribbles? No matter, there are more than enough expositions, action and humor to otherwise engage your senses. The special effects are astounding to say the very least! Nothing in this film is less than stellar – everything pops with action and thrills. The story is complex and extremely well written, with some nice conflict between Kirk () and Spock () and how their true natures unfolds during a dangerous mission at the beginning of the movie. But personal issues take a back seat once a terrorist attack desiccates a London building - enter John Harrison aka Khan played by . Kirk and crew are then ordered to take the Enterprise, track down Harrison into the depths of darkness where he is found hiding deep in the Klingon zone, and terminate him with the highest level of extreme brutality. From there, the story takes some excellent (semi-predictable) twists and turns, which lends an enormous amount of complexity to Khan while allowing the returning cast members to shine individually. But let's be honest the movie really belongs to Cumberbatch.  He kills it! 

Into Darkness beamed in more than $164.5M opening weekend (worldwide). And even though this amount is surprisingly low for a movie of this stature, it has strong lasting power and because of that it is bound to roll in even more hot money at the box office as the weeks ensue. Seeing this film on the gigantic IMAX screen was absolutely exhilarating, and on top everything else the 3D effects were a-may-zing! I found myself jumping and dodging the images at times. Don't think I've ever had this much fun watching a movie. I strongly recommend seeing it in IMAX/3D at least once.  

This movie is everything a Summer Blockbuster should be and more. It's full of life, wit, smarts, intense thrills and sheer gratifying entertainment. Not only did it seriously blow my collected mind to pieces, but it met every high expectation I had. I was surprised at the enormous amount of heart and soul this movie had as well. There were some very touching scenes that caused me to tear up a bit.  In closing, if you’re a fan of Star Trek on any level this Sequel will have you wrapped around its Sci-Fi finger by the end of the movie, leaving you smiling and wanting more.  


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